‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: Season 13, Episode 11 ‘Jukebox Hero’

Grey’s Anatomy fans finally found out Alex’s fate in this week’s episode. It only took a week longer than expected! What happened? Well, you’ll have to read on to find out.

If you want to get caught up first, don’t forget about the Grey’s Anatomy recap from last week. There are spoilers from this week’s episode from this point.

So, last week’s episode wasn’t the greatest way for Grey’s Anatomy to come back after a midseason break. Many fans weren’t happy, even if it was a strong episode. However, the episode did play a part in some of the feelings in this week’s episode.

Arizona and Jo are still reeling from the news that Alex had gone to take a plea deal. Ben is clearly worried about Jo, who pretends that everything is fine. I will say that it was refreshing not to hear about her living in her car yet again! To be honest, Jo wasn’t in the episode too much.

The focus was on Eliza Minnick and Richard Webber. Webber has Avery and Kepner on his side, as they find a way to stop Minnick stepping all over them. The cocky new arrival is clearly initially unaware that there will be as issue, as she starts changing the OR board to make sure she can get into the surgeries she wants.

The attendings aren’t having any of that, after Webber overhears how she’ll get through to them. In hindsight for Bailey, this probably wasn’t the best way to bring in these changes. Why would any of the attendings get on board with the plan to change up the program, when Webber was the one to teach them. Avery even made it clear that Webber’s teaching was far superior compared to the teaching at Mercy West, so Webber must have been doing something right.

Rather than welcoming Minnick with open arms, the attendings shut her out of their ORs. Either the surgery times change without her knowing or the attendings—like Arizona—just full on stop her from coming in. It’s only Webber who will allow her in on a surgery, making it very clear that he isn’t going down without a fight.

While this is playing out, a taxi driver is bringing a pregnant woman to the hospital. She’s in labor and uncomfortable, so Arizona suggests that the woman put her feet on the dashboard. Of course, while the woman is complaining about her husband being late, there’s a car crash and the doctors rush out to the scene.

Putting her legs on the dashboard was a bad idea. The crash caused the woman’s legs up into the abdomen and it’s putting the baby’s life at risk. It also turns out that it was the woman’s husband who had caused the accident.

Arizona delivers the baby by c-section, but the baby isn’t breathing. Murphy is left dealing with the newborn, while Arizona and Maggie work on stopping the bleeding from the mother. Unfortunately, the baby needs Arizona more. While getting Murphy to do as much as possible on the baby, Arizona gives into Minnick’s teaching practices without meaning to, and she doesn’t have the energy to argue back at Minnick after being awake for more than 48 hours.

By the time Arizona gets home, DeLuca is waiting for her. Apologizing for feeling the way she does, Arizona tells him that she needs Alex but now he’s gone. There’s a shocked and confused look on DeLuca’s face—more on that in a moment.

While all this plays out, Owen is trying to find out where Amelia is. It turns out that she didn’t go far: she just went to Stephanie’s apartment to crash on the couch. Stephanie feels awful for lying to Owen about it and finally breaks and tells him the truth. All Owen wants his for his wife to come home.

With that story finished for the episode, Grey’s Anatomy fans just needed to know about Alex. At the start of the episode, Meredith and Maggie were checking online for information. They needed a case number, and sure enough Alex had previously texted one to her. When Maggie puts it in, they find out that the case is closed and the sentencing is “30 years to life.”

Fans who had seen some episode stills will have noted that the defendant’s name on that case wasn’t Alex’s. Sure enough, Maggie had typed an ‘8’ instead of an ‘A’ and brought up the wrong case! When they type in the right one, they get Alex’s actual case, which has been closed indefinitely. That means there is no trial and Meredith instantly believes that Alex took the plea deal and is behind bars.

Cue the whole episode of Meredith going from jail to jail to find out where Alex is. Of course, nobody has any answers and she finally comes home defeated.

It all looks like Alex is gone, until Meredith sits on her bed and accidentally sits on Alex! Yes, he was in her bed the whole time, sleeping the day away.

So, what happened? Well, you’ll have to wait until next week to find out. Tune in at 8pm on ABC for next week’s episode and I’ll be here with your Grey’s Anatomy recap.

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