Hostage Situation at Delaware Prison Over but One Guard is Killed

One Employee Dead at Prison Standoff in Delaware

Thursday morning, it was announced the ongoing hostage crisis at the James T. Vaughn Correctional Center in Smyrna, Delaware has ended but with a fatality. According to a statement regarding the hostage situation, members of the Delaware State Police stormed into the C Building at 5:06 a.m. At that time, one employee was rescued from the prison then was taken to the hospital for treatment. Unfortunately, the officers also found that one correction’s officer had died from his injuries that occurred during the hostage crisis. His name is Sgt. Stephen Floyd and he was pronounced dead minutes later as police secured the

The hostile takeover of the C building at the prison started Wednesday when about 100 inmates took over the wing of the prison. The inmates took four people hostage at that time. The crisis caused a lockdown across the state to all prisons. As the day progressed, one hostage was released around 2:25 p.m. About three hours later, eight inmates were released. It is not known if the inmates were being held against their will.

Governor John Carney said in a statement that “This was a long and agonizing situation. “Our priority now will be to determine what happened and how this happened. We will hold accountable anyone who was responsible. And we will make whatever changes are necessary to ensure nothing like it ever happens again.” The Governor added that he was praying for the fallen officer’s family. According to CNN, “27 inmates who had been in the same building were released and taken back into custody. Officials couldn’t say whether those inmates also had been held against their will.”

The Washington Post is reporting that authorities are searching for a motive for the attack, which include the prisoners’ insistence that the Presidency of Donald Trump could create a worse living situation for the prisoners, that they are not exactly sure how many inmates were actually involved, and due to every inmate in the building are considered to be suspects and that an investigation is underway. Governor John Carney (D) said at the briefing, “Today we mourn, and tomorrow and for a long time going forward, we also have to investigate what happened here, determine the facts to make sure that it never happens again. The best way that we can honor Sgt. Steven Floyd is to do this work diligently, together and expeditiously.”

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