Friday February 3, 2017 5 Top Stories You May Have Missed

Friday, February 3, 2017 5 Top Stories to Start Your Day

1. Friday, soldier had to open fire on a man who was armed with a machete in an underground mall close to the world-famous Louvre museum in Paris, France. According to news sources, the alleged assailant was carrying two different backpacks and shouted, “Allahu Akbar “or “God is great!” as he tried to enter the mall area. The suspect was then shot by an officer 5 times before being brought down. Police Chief Michel Cadot said that “It was an attack by a person… who represented a direct threat and whose actions suggested a terrorist context.”

2. White House press secretary Sean Spicer took credit Friday for the newest numbers on job creation in the month of January. The economy added 227,000 new jobs in January, far greater than the 175,000 jobs economists had expected. Spicer stated that, “Today’s report reflects the consumer confidence that the Trump presidency has inspired.President Trump campaigned on putting Americans to work again. Even before he took office, the markets knew he’d deliver on that promise. The president has already taken significant steps to turn our economy around, and he’s looking forward to ensuring that every American that wants a job has the opportunity to find one.”

3. In a Virginia courtroom, Friday, as a federal judge was granting a motion from Virginia to join a lawsuit challenging the immigration ban that caused chaos at airports over the weekend, federal attorneys admitted that the number of those who had their visas revoked, stopping their ability to visit or come back to the U. S, was not a few hundred like originally announced. A lawyer for the Justice Department revealed in court that in fact about 100,000 Visas were revoked in the first week of Trump’s executive order which stopped the entrance of Visa holders from 7 countries to enter the United States. The lawsuits have been filed with federal courts to turn back the Trump mandate on he basis that the order is based on religious persuasion, Muslim, or due the national or ethnic make-up. There were slight gasps when it was 100,000 Visas were revoked in the court room.

4. Friday, it was announced that the Trump administration has enacted new sanctions on Iran, on 25 individuals and companies connected to Iran’s ballistic missile program and those providing support to Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ Qods Force. The sanctions are being enacted as a punishment for the country’s test launch of a ballistic missile last weekend. National Security Adviser Michael Flynn issued a statement on the new sanctions, saying that the “international community has been too tolerant of Iran’s bad behavior.” “The days of turning a blind eye to Iran’s hostile and belligerent actions toward the United States and the world community are over,” Flynn said.

5. Friday, President Trump took the first steps to reduce or even repeal the financial act known as the Dodd-Frank law, which was enacted after the great financial collapse of 2008. An Obama Administration law, which was enacted to protect consumers and to prevent collapse of the banking institutions. Trump’s order on reviewing the 2010 Dodd-Frank Wall Street reform regulations may be largely symbolic though because only Congress can rewrite the legislation, but Wall Street embraced the possibility of simpler bank regulations by pushing financial stocks up in morning trade.

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