Grimm Recap Episode 5 Season 6 “The Seven Year Itch”

This episode, the Wesen of the week is really going to “bug” you. Not only is he a human sized Cicada beetle when he woges but he is an official “party animal”! Okay, is Grimm running out of monsters? Getting a little strange.

  Grimm Recap Episode 5 Season 6 “The Seven Year Itch”

“The Seven Year Itch”

The fifth episode opens up with this man (and I use the term lightly), clawing his way out of the ground and then he starts walking around a park-like setting. He is wearing scruffy caveman clothes,twitching and really looks like he is up to no good! A few people are strolling by, but he seems to settle on a regular-looking man who is on his cell phone and begins to follow him. We all know what’s next- but just how, we’re never sure!

This first victim is even a good Samaritan and offers to call 911 because the man(?) seems obviously in pain or something. Wouldn’t you know it- just as he was calling for help- ouch! Right in the back of the throat! Poor fellow gets a beak or claw- right through from the back of his neck through to the front- and yes, he’s dead.

Back at the loft Nick is having nightmares. He sees the Black Claw gang shooting at him while Eve awakes in the tunnels below with her hands bloodied and the walls illuminated with symbols.

Next scene we see Renard in his impressive home with a great view of Portland, as he spends time with his daughter, Diana. He discovers a few “toys” she’s been using. Looks like dressed-up male and female dolls alongside a huge hat pin to stick them with- just in case she doesn’t like how something is going down. Renard realizes these were the same dolls used to get him to kill Bonaparte. And being the responsible parent he is, he takes the pin away. (The dolls would be a good idea too).

But, unfortunately Renard just can’t get a good night’s sleep. He is still getting unwanted visions of Meisner who taunts him that he just maybe is a product of Renard’s mind and not a spirit. Hmmm, Renard ponders this possibility.

On a happier and maybe a bit of a surprising note, we see Monroe and Rosalie getting an ultra sound done. No, there’s only one heart beat- but wait, the technician hears another heart beat- and then… wait… another! The couple, remembering sweet little Diana’s proclamation that there’s more than one- are probably glad it ended at three. Wow! They are having triplets!

Then, when Adalind comes to pick up Diana from having daddy-time at Renard’s new house, Renard seems disturbed and on the verge of telling her of his latest curse- that he can see dead people. However, he stops himself, seemingly, because Diana is there, listening. Really good thought there, Renard.

Back at the precinct Nick confides in Hank that he really feels he should be carrying that magic stick. Being without it, makes him feel vulnerable and like he’s “missing a piece of himself. Hank counsels Nick to instead-move that thing even further down in the tunnel, because it’s really up to no good. Good advice, Hank!

Next thing the three- Nick, Hank and Wu are out to nail this puzzling Wesen killer. Luckily, a young boy falls into a hole where he finds a skeleton- uh, oh- bad dreams for the next forty years! The newly reinstated cops have another puzzle on their hands. Looks like someone crawled OUT of the hole that seems big enough for two. Now they begin to think ‘Wesen’ and know the killer could now be any-‘thing’!

Speaking of the killer- Cicada man is next seen in a restaurant eating enough for 3 and even ordering Bloody Marys to go with his three steaks and chicken leg. He is grossing out the waitress with his loose and thankfully, vague talk about- the last one he had with him who he thought was big enough, but her pretty face put him off! Well, it disturbs said waitress enough to go to the police with this strange story. Of course, our three amigo cops, after witnessing what this new monster-man has done to a perfectly good corps- even leaving teeth marks on every bone in her body, realize this large whatever is feeding on them underground. (This show is getting less appetizing by the minute!)

And to top off his incompetence as a killer, he uses the man he killed’s credit card- so now the police can track him down.

Next scene we’re back at the loft with Adalind and Diana, Diana asks Adalind a few questions regarding her dad and Meisner. Diana says she remembers Meisner when he rescued her and they both were in a helicopter. She also casually says she’d like to seem him again, not seeming to be one bit put off that he’s dead. Then she adds that “Eve is here” meaning in the tunnels. Wonder how long she knew.

Thank God, someone is going to see what’s going on with Eve because Adalind goes down to get her. She finds a weak Eve with bloodied hands and all kinds of lit symbols in the tunnels below. Adalind is able to help Eve up to the loft and get her in bed. Eve explains she wanted to leave the tunnels, but every time she tried her body felt paralyzed. Adalind then decides to phone Nick.

However, Nick is back at the spice shop trying to decipher what kind of eating machine Wesen they are dealing with and comes up with a pretty good idea. Now here’s a bit of a different take on the weekly Wesen- he’s an official “Party Animal”. That’s the translation of his name. He’s an immortal Greek Wesen who was the inspiration for Dionysus. He comes out from underground every 7 years, party’s it up for 24 hours but needs a food source that will last him for the next seven years. Wow! you could really have a good time that one night- look at all the money you would save on groceries for seven years!

Nick gets the phone call from Adalind that Eve is there and weak. But just before he arrives at the loft, Adalind actually apologizes to Eve/Juliet for what she did to her. (Yes, Adalind, Eve could have said- for you taking away my fiancé, making him love you and making me a Hexenbiest- thanks!) But, before Eve can answer, Nick comes home and all three take a look at those weird symbols on the tunnel walls.

Back at the bar party where we left him- we find our “Party Animal” buying drinks and sending one over to a plus-sized woman he has his eye on at the end of the bar. (Guess he wants to ensure his meal will last the entire 7 years). It doesn’t seem to bother the greedy guy that she’s already with someone, but it does bother the man she’s with. So he tells our ‘Cicada-man’ to meet him outside and we all know how this will end- right? And…it does. So now, he has the woman all to himself and succeeds in wooing her right out of the bar and into the park where he’s about to end up underground.

But, as he is strolling romantically with her, Nick, Wu and Hank find the body outside the bar and discover the Wesen killer took off with the woman the dead man was with. We now cut to Monroe and Rosalie who are also trying to track down this weird-o Wesen. Suddenly, Monroe gets an inspiration from the police sketch of the man, he draws on a beard and it turns out to be William Stillman, the man who’s statue is in the park. “No wonder he donated the land!” Monroe blurts out. So now Nick and the boys know exactly where to look!

Final Scenes

Remember Renard- he was seeing dead people. Well, while all this is going on, he decides to see someone about it. He goes to a pawn shop and hopefully, the owner knows him, cause he tells Renard that he knows things haven’t been going well for him? Oh, really? Renard tells him he’s being haunted by a ghost whose death he’s responsible for, and he wants to know if the ghost is real or just a figment of his imagination.

Renard gives him a ring he brought him for payment that was handed down from his grandfather. The pawn shop owner also demands Renard’s royal ring for extra payment. Next he makes Renard, minus his clothes, get into a glass enclosure or spirit vacuum to get rid of any spirits hanging around him. Then after Renard goes for a whirl, either an odd white mist or a spirit emits from his traumatized body?

Next thing you know, the pawn shop owner is on the floor and Meisner is at the controls- now that was a neat trick! Then Renard shrieks and the glass cage shatters. Renard then awakes on the floor, the pawn shop disappears and we see just a regular empty store that has a ‘For Lease’ sign out front. Guess we’ll have to wait till next week to see what fully happened here.

Back at the park, the Cicada man is still wooing the woman he picked up in the bar and she seems really taken with him. He kisses her and then turns into his beetle-like self, just before hitting her over the head. Right away, you know this romance is doomed.

Meanwhile the help is on its way in the form of Nick, Wu and Hank. They find the two love birds in the park at this point, with the Cicada man digging himself and his girlfriend into a hole.

But for something completely different- before they can do anything, the lady wakes up and woges into a Hippo(?)- now that’s not flattering, folks! Then she bites the Cicada’s head off- end of that story.

This just may have been the first time the main villain Wesen gets killed by one of its victims in a Grimm episode!

See you all next time for episode 6 Season 6.

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