Katy Perry Catches Celebrity Blonde Ambition

Blonde and platinum blonde ambition is really catching with the stars lately. Katy Perry is just one of the most recent brunettes in a small explosion of blonde hair makeovers for dark-haired celebs.

Katy Perry Catches Celebrity Blonde Ambition

Katy’s New Look

Kim Kardashian tried platinum then went back; Taylor Swift surprised us all with her sassy new short platinum cut last year; Kylie Kardashian has just ‘platinum-blondified’ recently and now Katy Perry has gone there and absolutely transformed her looks.

Katy Perry’s dark and/or black locks were almost iconic, so the change is a little shocking. Yes, she has been purple, neon pink and bright blue at times, but we all knew it was temporary. Now we’re not so sure. But, Katy so rocks that platinum shade in her new Instagram photo (featured above) we feel this new look just might stick around for awhile. She times this new hot pic of herself with her latest announcement that she will be performing at this Sunday’s Grammys!

The caption on her Instagram photo read, “new life who dis,” perhaps meaning that new hair dynamics can give new life to your, well, life! Just prior to this she was seen around town with a more subtle rose-gold blonde before she made the step to platinum. Heck, fans are not even sure if it is real- they’re so used to hair changes from this pop singer.

Platinum blonde tresses on dramatically dark or brunette-haired celebs seems to be the new go-to shocker change lately. In 2016 Taylor Swift really did a ‘switcheroo’ when her new, edgy blonde-do and brought on a few dropped jaws.

And Kylie Jenner who is definitely not new either to changing up her hair colour, transformed her thick locks to a highly envied rose-gold colour. The look was so attractive she got a lot of people attempting the same glorious halo.

And now, yet another change- Kylie also followed the trend and went platinum too with the new bobbed look that is very popular right now! However, it was initially speculated whether this was a wig as Kylie apparently has an awesome collection. But no, allure magazine just confirmed- after some diligent digging, that the blonde bob is indeed real and styled by Tokyo Stylez, the man she often has style her impressive wig collection.

However, take a good look at these pics because, we all know with the stars and their hair, tomorrow is another day!

Featured Image: https://twitter.com/ search?src=typd&q=Katy%20Perry%20Platinun%20Blonde

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