Grimm Recap Episode 6 Season 6 “Breakfast in Bed”

This week’s Grimm was so much fun- the monster-of-the-week Wesen puts a whole new take on our sleepless nights and I can assure you counting sheep is just not going to cut it! We open with our first victim, Dan, who is not a happy camper. Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Grimm Recap Episode 6 Season 6 “Breakfast in Bed”

Grimm’s last Season

No indeed, Dan is not happy at all. He’s nailing down doors and putting chains on his seedy hotel windows to keep something out! That something is keeping him from sleeping and he sure is jumpy and anxious about it. And to make matters worse, people keep yelling at him to stay in his room and get some sleep, most notably a loud-mouthed lady down the hall. And we see some odd, old man, with an oxygen tank, in a wheel chair who sits and takes everything in, not saying a darn word.

Interjecting here, I’ll say that the Grimm writers had a great time with this week’s ‘sleeper’ story and I’ll miss the show sorely after this season. However, let’s get back to Dan at the Englewood Hotel.

That same night, as we suspected, he’s visited by a sleep-stealing, space-invading, bad-looking Wesen with a huge mouth, endless teeth, despite his wild efforts to keep him out. A sleazy big green thing, climbs onto his bed, opens its gargantuan mouth and wraps it around poor Dan’s face. Dan looks terrified- who wouldn’t?- and seems not able to move. He survives it however, and the next morning, he’s on the verge of hysteria as he can’t figure out how the thing got in! And, he’s so wound up and crazy from fear and lack of sleep, he beats a man to death who was only trying to help him and take him to a shelter-‘so he can get some sleep’! Ha! Sheesh! The stage is now set for the awe-patrol: Hank, Wu and Nick!

But first, back at Nick’s loft we see Nick waking up and Eve is still there and is sleeping in a guest room. They go to take another look at the markings and discuss whatever could it mean. Nick takes pics and brings them over to his personal investigation team of Monroe, Rosalie and Eve joins them. I hope they discover something- this unsolved mystery of symbols and signs is beginning to get to me!

But, back to our side story- it isn’t long before the odd squad is called in on the murder investigation of that good Samaritan by nervous Dan. But this time, it’s Wu who calls Hank and Nick in. They both track Dan back to the seedy, publicly-subsidized Englewood Hotel where they find Dan again, frantically hammering in nails in his hotel room windows. The lady down the hall is still shouting and complaining about everything. The boys have to break into Dan’s room as he won’t let them in, causing Dan to hammer his own finger- ouch! They check the room out and see how frantic this man has been with all the chains and nails. “You can never sleep, never,” he whines. Dan tells the boys that this Wesen is Satan with horrible breath! They haul Dan away but Nick notices the weird old man in the wheelchair staring back at them.

Then, when Nick inquires about the old man to the manager,“Scott”, he just says- him- oh, he’s been here for forever, and he has never said a word. Now, the clincher-his name is Charles Herring Lynks giving us a little clue, perhaps? Is it Herring- as in red? Hmmm!

Later, Nick checks into Dan’s criminal record- he’s clean- so Nick surmises perhaps all this craziness and killing random people is due to a recent breakdown. You know, the kind you get from a little encounter with a Wesen. So Nick gets Rosalie and Monroe on the case and they surprisingly quickly are able to come up with the no-sleep monster’s name- An Alpe.

Monroe immediately remembers that his own dear Auntie Ada was bothered by this same type of Wesen- moons ago, in Germany, and eventually went mad because of it. They say Alpes cause paralysis and insomnia to the victim as they feed on the brain proteins produced during REM sleep. Geez that sounds tasty! The cop team are confused as to how the Wesen could get in though, after Dan’s over-the top security of nailed doors and windows.

Then Hank does a little research and learns the Englewood is not as peaceful a seedy hotel, as it seems. It actually has a nightmarish history. Apparently, there have been murders and suicides throughout the years. A woman, Beverly Garwood, who lives in Los Angeles, owns the hotel and believe me, her luxurious home looks nothing like the Englewood.

But in the midst of all this sleep deprivation, we’ve forgotten good old Renard. For him, it’s back to work as usual, it appears, after his supposed ghost-exterminating shake up in the pawn shop. But alas, it didn’t work because he still sees Meisner hanging out in the halls, etc. Plus, this week he has a new visitor from Black Claw,( it took a while to understand if the new visitor was alive or dead). But, now the new operative from Black Claw does seem quite alive, and says he’s come to make sure Renard doesn’t make any more mistakes, like killing Bonaparte etc. Renard, pretty much, shoos him right out of his office, telling the stranger he is done with it! Yes, done with all the Black Claw agenda! Ooh Renard, don’t you know you’re going to be a target, even as you speak. And then Meisner shows up- yes, still-in spirit and warns Renard that there are two men waiting for him in the parking garage. And true to Meisner’s word- theres’s two thugs waiting. Meisner, reaches out his spirit hand over one of the men’s eyes, messing with his vision, making it so easy for Renard. Renard shoots him and then the other menace as well.

And we do get the satisfaction of knowing why Meisner was so helpful to Renard this time. Renard poses that question to him…..And Meisner’s simple answer back- “This time you chose the right side.” Then Meisner disappears into the dark, leaving Renard staring after him. (One does wonder how Renard will explain those two dead bodies to the department, later, but, oh well.)

Now that the Alpe is missing his little buddy Dan to suck the sleep out of- it sets its sights on other sleeping prey. Why are we just a little bit glad when the Alpe chooses the loud-mouthed lady down the hall. Shame! And yes, it waits till she is in slumberland and does another slithery- up close and personal sleep attack. (And she didn’t even give it her phone number or anything!) Next thing you know, she’s awake and running in a anxiety-filled tizzy and falls over the balcony. Scott, the manager calls the team in again and they realize the Alpe is using the hotel as its personal sleep-stealing buffet. They double their efforts to catch the disgusting thing and have their eyes on Monroe as bait.

Yep, Monroe will make the perfect target for a sting.They decide to have Monroe catch the Alpe in the act with an ear bud and a camera so they can run to his rescue. Even though Rosalie is upset about them using Monroe as bait, she gives him a boost of melantonin to help him sleep. That stuff will smell like sweet perfume to the sleep monster and attract it for sure to come running to Monroe’s placement in a hotel room at the bustling Englewood. Oh, yeah? Why is Monroe willing to do it- well A) it’s just sleep and B) he’d like some pay back for his Aunt’s torment from that Alpe all those years ago.

It isn’t long before the camera snaps into action and the Alpe jumps on poor Monroe. The paralyzing mist begins to work on Monroe and just in time the team run up to his room. They startle the monster who runs and soon disappears. Suddenly the team discover the modus operandi of said Alpe! It’s been sneaking in from behind a dresser that covers a hole in the wall that takes you to a whole new world of tunnels under the hotel. Next time I’m in Portland, I’ll have to check this phenomenon out- what with the tunnels under Nick’s loft and now this- maybe the whole city is preparing for something. What do they know, that we don’t know?

Back to the chase now. The group run into Scott the manager in the tunnel, who woges into a type of Wesen and gets killed during a fight skirmish. Nonplussed, the group end up on a mad search for the Alpe, entering a variety of underground rooms, and then they finally come across a swank suite that we’ve seen before. Wait! Is this the suite of the owner (Beverley) who lives in LA? Yes, it is but this is not LA- this is a below-ground quarte underneath the Engelwood that she owns.

Final Scenes

Well. well Miss Beverley is the Alpe- Indeed, a neat little twist to the mystery and line up of suspects. And Monroe has joined them too. Beverley also realizes that Nick’s a Grimm, but she rightfully argues that she has done nothing so he can’t take her in. He ignores that option and makes a proposal for her to do one of two things: Sell the Englewood and donate it to the homeless and get the heck out of Dodge- er- Portland or— well, he is a Grimm and no one is going to cry over one less Alpe in the vicinity. She appears to acquiesce, then suddenly comes back and attacks Nick. There’s a struggle and she falls,hits her head on something hard and dies.

Whoa! Next, a few other things fall into place. Remember the old man in the wheelchair in the hall at the Englewood? He woges into a red herring- ha! ha! Very good- Grimm writers.

And finally back at shop, we see Eve and Rosalie- who seem to be the two lead researchers on this symbol and sign investigation-thing- come to some conclusions. But wait, I must not forget to mention here that Monroe did come up with some really good answers to the symbols-mystery earlier when he figured they look to be a combo of both Myan and Sumanian writings. He decided it looked more and more like some kind of calendar.

So when the ladies put their heads together they further advanced with a few startling possibilities! Is it from a time in the past and wheN? Rosalie just happens to have a computer program that is able to locate past movements of the solar system. She tries to make it match up to the drawing that she was given from Nick and it just doesn’t add up. But then Eve tries too and soon they realize- No it’s not the past- it’s the future! And guess what? It’s March 24, 2017. Is that the date of the last episode of the last Season of Grimm!!!

I’ll leave that thought with you.

Missed last week’s episode? Here’s a full recap here.

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