Monday February 13, 2016 5 Top Stories to Start Your Day

Monday February 13, 2017 5 Top Stories to Start Your Day

1. Sunday, in California, about 188,000 residents have been evacuated due to a hole in an emergency spillway in the Oroville Dam threatened that is threatening to flood the surrounding area. Sunday evening, the dam was holding but officials state that the danger has not subsided. According to officials Monday morning, the damaged infrastructure could create further dangers as storms approach in the week ahead and it remained unclear when residents might be able to return to their homes. The Oroville Dam is the highest and tallest dam in the U.S. and the Oroville Lake is one of California’s largest man-made lakes with 3.5 million acre-feet of water and 167 miles of shoreline.

2. President Trump is warning that since his executive order that would have suspended travel between the United States and 7 Middle Eastern countries has been upended by federal appeals courts, that the nation in more danger. Trump tweeted Sunday that, “72% of refugees admitted into U.S. (2/3 -2/11) during COURT BREAKDOWN are from 7 countries: SYRIA, IRAQ, SOMALIA, IRAN, SUDAN, LIBYA & YEMEN.” President Trump also stated Friday, while onboard Air Force One, that he will do whatever is necessary to keep the United States safe. Trump remarked that “We’ll be going forward and we’ll be doing things to continue to make our country safe. It will happen rapidly and we will not allow people into our country who are looking to do harm to our people.”

3. Monday, the wife of a KKK leader, who was found dead over the weekend, is being held as a suspect in that death. Malissa Ancona, 44, of Leadwood, Missouri, reported that her husband Frank Ancona, 51, was missing Friday night. Ancona was found on Saturday near the Big River by a family fishing near Belgrade, about 70 miles southwest of St. Louis. Ancona identified himself as the “imperial wizard” of a Ku Klux Klan group in Missouri. According to The Daily Journal Malissa Ancona told authorities her husband packed a bag and said he wanted a divorce when he returned from his work trip. The day he left, she placed an ad on Facebook seeking a roommate to help her with rent, the Daily Journal reported.

4. Sunday, the morning news programs were host to a new Trump Administration surrogate and he had plenty to say. Stephen Miller, the senior White House policy adviser, spoke on all the major networks about Trump policy and the executive order that was suspended by the federal appeals court. Miller, who helped to draft President Trump’s controversial travel ban executive order, said of Trump, ““The president’s powers here are beyond question.” Continuing Miller also stated that in regard to the executive order that the judicial branch is not the deciding factor as far as the President’s powers saying that, “the powers of the president to protect our country are very substantial and will not be questioned.” Unfortunately, the notion that the President does not answer to any higher authority is completely non-factual. The Constitution does limit the President’s powers through a system of checks and balances.

5. In dueling demonstrations across the country, anti-abortion and pro-choice protesters faced off over the possibility of Planned Parenthood being stripped of federal funding for medical procedures that are not abortion related such as mammograms, cancer screenings and STD treatment. The initial protest was supported by those who want to make abortion illegal but in many cities across the nation, those who support Planned Parenthood and abortion rights far outnumbered those against. Kelley Robinson, a leader of Planned Parenthood Action Fund Support, said in a statement, that the “Saturday, and every day, Planned Parenthood advocates and activists show that they refuse to be intimidated and they won’t back down.”

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