‘Chicago Fire’ Season 5, Episode 13: 4 Main Talking Points of the Episode

Chicago Fire Season 5 hasn’t really created problems for the firehouse, bar the episode of Chief Boden being suspended. It’s not surprising that issues have now arisen and it’s not looking good for our favorite fire fighters.

To recap Tuesday night’s episode of Chicago Fire, here’s a look at the four main talking points. If you need to catch up before the spoilers, make sure you read last week’s Chicago Fire recap.

#1. Sometimes You Just Need a Little Faith in People

The episode started with a man walking into Molly’s and asking Herrmann for $200. He needs a suit for a job at a bank and is desperate to get this job. Of course, he promises to pay the money back. Initially resistant, Herrmann hands the money over, hoping that he sees it again later.

The fire fighters at Firehouse 51 don’t expect him to get it back. But Herrmann doesn’t quite regret the decision he made. In fact, he makes a point while talking to the kids in his son’s class about how fire fighters have to respond to calls, even if they’re false alarms or joke calls. There could be someone who needs help out there.

#2. Severide Has a Decision to Make

Chicago Fire fans are curious over what Severide will decide in the end. He’s been offered the chance to become Battalion Chief in Springfield and he just isn’t sure which direction to move in.

Deeply considering the move, he decides to find out what Stella thinks. Of course, she isn’t happy about the idea of him leaving and tells him that he probably won’t like Springfield, but he should visit anyway.

That he does, and he soon realizes that a smaller city than Chicago may not be that bad. It helps that he’d have access to state of the art equipment.

It looks like Anna is a keeper. When he sees her at the hospital and tells her about the move, she doesn’t instantly push him to take the job. She wants him to decide based on what he wants in life. Whether Severide takes this job or not, Anna needs to stay true to this character now. It’s a good one and she’ll make a great girl for some lucky guy out there.

#3. Being Single Is Hard Work

It’s been a long time since I’ve been single and I’ve got to admit that I don’t relish the thought of ever having to do it again. Being single was hard work. Getting over a guy makes it even harder.

Well, that’s what Brett has to do this week. To help her move on and get over the breakup from Antonio last week – seriously, Chicago Fire writers, get them back together! – she’s wants to make changes to herself. She’s pulling ropes, learning German, and looking at makeover tutorials online. In the end, she even considers marrying a guy from Canada just so he can get his green card.

It turns out that she wants to be more like Gabi. She wants what Gabi has in Casey. If only she knew everything that Gabi went through to get Casey – Gabi only glossed over it with three guys. It is a shame that Halstead wasn’t mentioned in the glossary, though.

#4. Be Careful Where You Make Enemies

Onto the biggest storyline of the night. Boden loves to make enemies with the wrong people, right?

Well, this week he makes enemies with the new District Chief, Jim Anderson. All Boden does is spot a ripping rope and try to stop Anderson and his men in time before that rope breaks. It’s not Boden’s fault that rumors fly and Anderson is made to look incompetent, especially when pipes fall and land where Anderson’s men were.

Of course, this new District Chief isn’t happy that he’s made to look like a fool. Rather than just suck it up and accept that he made a mistake, he goes after Boden. Calling an inspection, he tries to pick up on anything at the firehouse. When Squad 3 and Ambo 61 are called out, Anderson follows and tries to assert some authority while he’s only meant to be observing.

Once more, Anderson is made to look like a fool. He could just suck it up, but he decides to go up against Boden by switching around the firehouse. Next week, we can expect to see many new faces at Firehouse 51, as our favorites are sent around Chicago.

Overall, it was an interesting episode with plenty of drama. I look forward to seeing the Anderson/Boden rivalry play out and want to know the decision Severide will make. With so many episodes still left, I worry both storylines will drag on and hope the writers have something else planned for Chicago Fire Season 5.

Oh, and if you’re wondering about the $200, Herrmann did get the money back. The guy proved Herrmann to be a trustworthy man and got the bank job thanks to Herrmann’s generosity and trust. It’s good to know that there are honest people in the world.

Chicago Fire Season 5 continues on Tuesdays at 10pm on NBC.

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