Snowed in on ‘Face Off’

This week on “Face Off” the seven remaining teams face another elimination but after winning last week’s challenge Cig and George have immunity and cannot be eliminated.

Face Off

When the artists approach the lab they find a winter wonderland with snow piled everywhere. McKenzie tells the artists that this week’s spotlight challenge is to create a snow queen; but not just any snow queen. Buried in the snow are seven unique snowflakes from which the artists will take their inspiration.

For this challenge, McKenzie informs the artists that they will have only two days to complete it.

After all of the snowflakes have been unearthed the artists engage in a little fun before the work begins with a snowball fight. Some of them have never seen snow or had a snowball fight.

Since Cig and George have immunity this week, they want to take a risk and try something that has not been done before – using a translucent silicone prosthetic over a painted makeup.

With only two days to complete the challenge, the artists are doing a lot of fabricating and the vacuum form machine is getting a real workout.

Award winning makeup artist and “Face Off” mentor Michael Westmore visits the lab to offer his advice to the artists.

Adam and Logan have a crack in their cowl mold but decided to take the risk and use silicone for their prosthetic.

After spending so much time on the piece, Ca and Niko decide not to use their collar piece.

In last looks, some of the artists are not happy with their snow queens.

After the reveal and closer looks McKenzie announces that Adam and Logan, Cat and Niko, Emily and Tyler, and Keaghlan an Melissa are the best and worst looks for the week.

Judges Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neil, and Neville Page all spoke with the teams…
Glenn noted that Adam and Logan made the best use of stencils he had ever seen on the show. Neville said that the model, who was holding a bow, looked so cold you could almost see her quiver. The judges thought the snow was gorgeous and elegant making the best use the model’s features.

Ve said that Cat and Niko’s creation wasn’t very successful this week with Neville adding that it felt a little uninspired. Glenn noted that the character didn’t look like a snow queen.

The judge’s felt that Emily and Tyler’s creation was absolutely beautiful and their story was conveyed in the makeup. Ve noted that their snow queen could step right on to a movie set it was so exquisite; adding that they made perfect use of the colour scheme.

The judges said that Keaghlan and Melissa had a proportion problem that gave the femiinne face a masculine look.

The winning team this week was Emily and Tyler.

Noting that one misstep could send an artist home; adding that it was a really difficult decision this week, Glenn sent Cat and Niko home.

Next week the lab becomes a laboratory.

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