‘Supernatural’ Season 12, Episode 11 Was One of the Most Touching Episodes Ever

Supernatural Season 12, Episode 11 aired on February 9, 2017. Yes recap is late but that’s because it’s not quite a recap. It took a long time to figure out how to write this after the way last week’s episode played out.

While “Regarding Dean” involved some extremely funny moments, it was one of the most touching episodes ever to air. The touching moments were only in flashes, but brought up some very prominent and fearful thoughts.

For those who missed the episode, there are spoilers from this point. This is just a fair word of warning in case you’re waiting to watch Supernatural Season 12 when it comes to Netflix sometime after the season finale.

In the opening moments of “Regarding Dean,” Dean was hit by some type of magic. Yes, witches were involved and that’s always a dangerous game for the Winchesters. At first, we had no idea what had happened to Dean, but it soon turned out that he was losing his memory.

Rowena was called in for help and she made it very clear just how dangerous losing the memory was. This wasn’t about forgetting who loved ones are. Dean was forgetting who he was. Soon he would forget how to talk and how to swallow. Chills went down my spine the moment she said that.

But it wasn’t Rowena’s comment that made this touching. It was watching Dean as he realized he was losing himself. So many TV shows and movies that cover dementia and Alzheimer’s disease focus on how it affects the people close to those with the disease. Grey’s Anatomy focused on how Meredith was affected seeing her mother deteriorate in front of her and covered how Richard had to deal with losing his wife long before she died.

Yes, Alzheimer’s and dementia are painful for those who have the memories and have to watch their loved ones just disappear. It was sad to see Sam realize that he was losing his brother and it was a race against time to reverse the spell. But Supernatural went one step further and focused on Dean, as he realized his memories were slipping.

There is just over a minute of Dean staring at himself in the mirror, reminding himself of who he is and who the people he cares about are. He runs through his brother, his mother, and even his best friend, Castiel. It’s heartbreaking to see him realize that his memories are slipping away as he fights to keep them. The heartbreak and lost look in his eyes tells us everything that dementia and Alzheimer’s patients must feel, especially in the early days and in the lucid stages of their disease.

As always Supernatural tried to put the humor into the situation. Through the use of Post-It Notes and one-liners, the writers were able to keep the episode from getting too dark and too thought-provoking. That’s the good thing about the show and the writers – one of the reasons it’s remained on the air for so long. It’s not afraid or incapable of switching between the two emotions.

In the end, Dean was saved. It was actually Dean who helped to kill the witches to prevent Sam and Rowena from being killed. Rowena was able to reverse the spell and the Winchesters went on their way.

To add to the touching moments, Dean even noted that forgetting all the bad stuff wasn’t worth the memory loss. It meant he forgot the good too. He’d rather have it all than none of it.

What did you think of Supernatural Season 12 “Regarding Dean?” Did you see the fear, as Dean realized that he was slipping away?

Supernatural Season 12 returns on Thursday at 8pm on the CW.

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