On This Day in History: February 16

February 16 saw the start of many homes in Britain go without power for nine hours of the day. What else happened in history today?

1878: Silver Coins Become Legal Tender Again

On this day in history, silver coins were made legal tender again. Unlike now, during the 19th century, money’s value Howard Carter, founder of King Tut's tombwas based on the gold and silver it was minted with. When silver was in short supply, the world moved away from using silver in its coins. The value of silver dropped, and those who mined silver were affected financially. Widespread panic began and there was a call to bring back silver coins. That happened thanks to the support of Missouri Congressman Richard Bland. The Bland-Allison Act made provisions for silver coins to come back into circulation.

1894: Pardoning of John Wesley Hardin

After 15 years in prison in Texas, John Wesley Hardin was pardoned and released. Despite killing probably more than 40 people from 1868, he had been imprisoned for the killing of a man, allegedly for snoring. The man had fired the first shot, which meant Hardin was given life in prison rather than the death sentence. After being released, he moved to El Paso but was killed a year later.

1923: Opening of King Tut’s Tomb

On this day in history, King Tut’s tomb was opened by Howard Carter. The archaeologist was convinced back in 1891 that the tomb had still not been located, and believed the pharaoh was a teenager at the time of his death. He had searched for five years when Lord Carnarvon had wanted to call off the search in 1922. Carter wanted one more year, and it was then that they found the steps to another tomb entrance. It happened to be Tutankhamen’s tomb, with treasures untouched. Three coffins actually laid in the tomb, with King Tut being in the solid gold one.King Tut

1972: British Homes Go Without Power

On February 16, 1972, the BBC shared a report that British homes would go without power for up to nine hours a day. It was all connected to the Miners’ Strike, which had been ongoing for six weeks up to this point and was all over pay. Miners had been picketing fuel supply sources, including power stations, to pressure the government to increase pay. The electricity was to be switched off in homes on a rota basis from 7am until midnight every day. More businesses and factories were forced to close, with 1.2 million workers laid off according to one report.

Famous Birthdays on February 16

Brandenburg-Prussia founder Frederick William—1620

Historian Henry Adams—1838

English philanthropist Quinton Hogg—1845

Ventriloquist Edgar Bergen—1903

Singer Patty Andrews—1918

British soap star June Brown—1927

North Korea leader Kim Jong-Il—1941

Independence Day book author Richard Ford—1944

Doctor Who actor Christopher Eccleston–1964

Stage and screen actress Amanda Holden–1971

Avengers: Age of Ultron actress Elisabeth Olsen—1989

YouTuber Ashlund Jade–2003



Featured image from Deposit Photos

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King Tut’s Remains: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tutankhamun#/media/File:Mummy_of_Tutankhamun.jpg

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