Grimm Recap Episode 7 Season 6 “Blind Love”

Monroe- madly in love with Eve? Nick, making goo-goo eyes at Rosalie? Adalind thinks the sun shines only on Monroe? Wu-insanely wild about a random waitress- and Hank? Well, he just can’t figure out how he can marry himself? What? Has the world gone mad? No, it’s just another Grimm episode.

Warning: Complete episode spoilers ahead!

Grimm Recap Episode 7 Season 6 “Blind Love”

Episode 7 Season 6 “Blind Love”

Yep, this is “Blind Love” and a better title could not be found to cap this week’s crazy show. Monster of the week? An devilish-looking evil imp, who puts love potions in all the Grimm gang’s drinks!

The episode starts off with the Grimm team getting ready for a weekend away at a gorgeous hotel to celebrate Monroe’s birthday. We see Adalind drop off Diana for the weekend at dad Renard’s while she gets ready to go too. But, before she drops Diana off, however, Adalind warns her NOT to mention the symbols and carvings yet to Renard until they know more about it.

Back at the loft, Eve is still hanging out with the Ada-Nick’s for a bit and after her shower, she looks in the mirror only to see a black swirling shape that ends up covering the entire mirror. Then a skull-shaped head with glowing-green eyes, reminiscent of her brief encounter with the death-grip world a few episodes ago. She screams for Nick to help and he admits he’s never seen this before. (Well, not on a regular shower-day, anyway) And just between you and me, what is Adalind thinking leaving those two ex love-birds alone at the loft?

Anyway, as odd events like this are just another day in the life to the Grimm group, Nick and Juliette/Eve decide to keep the monster in the mirror to themselves as to not ruin Monroe’s special weekend.

At the hotel the group meet and enjoy with drinks, smiles and kibitzing around and then the waiter catches sight of them. He calls his father who’s in prison and let’s good ol’ dad know the Grimm that put him behind bars years ago is here. Randy says to his dad not to worry because he is going to make the Grimm and company pay. He administers- via the champagne- a dose of amor de infierno to the group, which apparently will make them tear each other apart —as the ones they become smitten with love someone else!

We watch as waiter Randy, sneakily gathers hair from everyone’s rooms and then later he woges in the kitchen, spits in everyone’s bubbly and then adds the hair- Yuck, too bad management doesn’t catch him! Anyway, he brings the altered drinks to the table but not before one of the random waitress’s hairs falls into one of the champagne glasses- ooh just lovely!

Everyone has a sip- yuck! Gross! Except Rosalie who’s pregnant. But later the next morning, when everyone wakes up, something is not right. We see that Adalind and Nick and Monroe- are not content with their said companions and end up getting out of their rooms as fast as they can.

Okay, now the fun begins, because the minute Monroe sets eyes on Eve they glow and then he’s like a love bug and zeros in on her like a homing pigeon. Same happens to Nick when he sees Rosalie. It’s getting awkward for us viewers to see our fave characters act so goofy for the wrong mate. The next one is lots of fun, because Wu sets his glowing eyes on the waitress- you know the one who had her hair fall in a drink and voila, suddenly she’s the greatest thing since sliced bread! I felt sorry for the waitress though, because Wu followed her everywhere, declaring his undying love and she kept her cool. He even starts spouting from Shakespeare’s Midsummer’s Night Dream!

But the next is the funniest- Hank happens to catch sight of his own reflexion back at his room, his eyes glow- and oh no! he becomes smitten with himself and starts telling his reflection just how good-looking he is! Ha! Good one- Grimm writers!!

Back with Renard and Diana in Portland, Diana is doodling symbols from the caves- which she was specifically told not to tell Renard about, however, his idle questioning of what she’s drawing ends when there’s a knock at the door. A delivery man shows up with spruce trees- a housewarming gift from the precinct? Only problem is that when he comes back, Diana is gone and somehow the delivery man has absconded with her.

Concerned and panicky he is about to call for help when he suddenly smiles. It dons on him that probably a) Lieutenant Grossante is behind it and b) Diana has proven she can more than take care of herself.

Renard then settles down, studies the drawings and waits for the call he knows will come. Sure enough it’s Lt. Grossante and he’s threatening to harm Diana if Renard doesn’t make good on his past promise to make Grossante Captain. Oh, so sorry Grossante it will never, never get to that because you have Diana- princess of magic who does not like anything to not go her way! So she starts throwing him about the room with just a little wave of that witch-y hand of hers. And somehow in the fun, Diana let’s out a little secret- that Grossante will figure out- that Renard killed Bonaparte.

Soon Grossante is crying Uncle, but she just can’t hear him. At this point, we’re actually feeling sorry for poor Lt. Grossante. Soon a broken Grossante is phoning Renard and begging him to please come and retrieve his darling daughter! But Renard takes his sweet time, just to stretch the fun a little longer. Like father, like daughter in the caring department here? And then, when he does finally come to pick up Diana- Grossante is still alive but oh so thankful he has has come.

Meanwhile, back at the love ranch, we see Eve who is yet the last one to fall, cast her eyes on- yes you’ve got it- on Nick and her eyes glow. This one hits closer to home for all of us. “There’s never been anyone else for me”, she murmurs to one time beau, Nick—- ooh- this is sad.

The final one to get bit by the crazy stupid love bug is Adalind, whose eyes glow when they land on Monroe- and now we have the perfect crossed-lover scenes with everyone goo-gooing over the wrong person and others getting annoyed. Eve even gets closer to home when she rips Adalind for stealing Nick and having the baby that should have been theirs. Ooh this really is getting real. All this while Hank can’t get away from looking at himself in the mirror and having a great day!

Final Scenes

Meanwhile, in the background, Randy-the-waiter who caused all this craziness is really enjoying the funny and chaotic love- gone-wrong scene. But luckily, Rosalie was never affected because she didn’t drink the champagne and starts to clue in pretty darn soon about what’s been happening. Nick is mooning over her and she just knows something’s up! She zeroes in on Randy, who is grinning ear to ear, and realizes that he is the source of the mayhem and confronts him right away.

“They’re all gonna die,” Randy tells Rosalie after they have words and she slaps him. She woges and says, “Not unless you die first!” Then poor Wu who’s nearby and about to jump off the cliff to his death, if his waitress doesn’t love him back, notices that Randy has a grip on said waitress after she faints with all the woging. That’s way too much for Wu, who loves her madly. He woges and attacks Randy! But tsk, tsk, as Wu attacks, he knocks Randy off the cliff and we have to assume that Randy dies because suddenly the spell is broken! Oh thank God!

Back inside the hotel, the gang is not behaving well. They are slapping each other and fighting while Hank is whining cause his mirror broke. With the death of Randy- it all stops and everyone is looking confused and maybe a little sheepish??

Happy it’s over- Nick and Adalind hug and when Monroe realizes how he was on to Eve, he is filled with remorse telling Rosalie he is so sorry and she is the only one he ever loved. She smiles and tells him that it wasn’t his fault.

We see the gang later as Monroe is presented with a pocket-watch shaped cake. Nice, because his hobby is old clocks. Then we see the visual joke when another waiter comes with some new- on-the-house champagne- for everyone! Everyone stares and their faces freeze ha!

Missed last week’s show- Read all about it here.

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