Experiments Gone Wild on ‘Face Off’

After the elimination of Cat and Niko last week, six teams remain on this, the second “All Stars” season of “Face Off.”

This week the artists face the world of science when the lab becomes the laboratory. When the artists enter their lab, they find skeletons, specimen jars, and all manner of scientific equipment. Noting that she likes collecting oddities, Emily said the lab looks like her room.

Face Off

There is no elimination this week, but the winning team will earn immunity from elimination next week.

Host McKenzie Westmore informs the artists that films like “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” and “The Fly” are the inspiration for this week. The artists have three days to choose an experiment gone wrong and to create two makeups – the first is the scientist in mid-transformation and the fully-formed monster.

Emily and Tyler chose electric shock
Cig and George chose medical augmentation
Logan and Adam chose Radiation Exposure
Rachael and Gage chose Horticultural hybridization
Keaghlan and Melissa chose insect DNA splicing
Ben and Evan chose chemical exposure

The artists are going big with their creations, making body suits and exaggerated sculptures, but not all of the artists are happy with the way things are going.

Mentor Michael Westmore visits the lab to offer some advice to the artists.

Cig and George have some big issues with their mold: The first half of the hold came off fine but the back part refused to come loose. Cig calls it a plaster disaster. The shoulder is locked and they have to chisel it out before the mold finally breaks open. There is a chunk missing from the shoulder and the guys are worried that it will affect their final character.

Things get hectic in last looks as the artists frantically try to finish their makeups.

When the artists come out to the reveal stage, they find that there is a guest judge joining Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neil, and Neville Page. Writer, producer and director John Landis joined the judges this week.

After the reveal and closer looks, McKenzie announces that Emily and Tyler, Melissa and Keaghlan, Ben and Evan, and Adam and Logan are the best and the worst looks this week.

The judges speak with each of the teams…

Glenn said that Melissa and Keaghlan’s color palette is problematic. Ve noted that there was no focus in the makeup, adding that it was too muddy. The judges felt that the team had a decent design but it was buried in disorder.

Ve said that Emily and Tyler did a really good job and handled the transformation beautifully. Neville said that they had a subtle design and handled things well with the sculpture and paint. John loved the overall unity of the characters, adding that it was beautifully painted. The judges loved the conceptual approach and said it was well-crafted.

Neville said that Evan and Ben’s overall painting didn’t sell. Glenn added that the forms didn’t convey and Ve felt that the colorization was lacking.

John really liked Logan and Adam’s creations; Glenn agreed, saying that he really liked the way they had decided to go and was amazed at the level of detail the guys used.

Saying that they made some great choices in time management, Glenn named the winning team as last week’s winners Emily and Tyler. The duo cannot be eliminated next week. While no one went home, Melissa and Keaghlan and Ben and Evan again find themselves in the bottom.


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