Hot Topic Unveils Beauty and the Beast Clothing Line in Time for Movie Release

Hot Topic is unveiling a fashion line with a difference- one right out of the greatly-anticipated, soon-to-be-released Beauty and the Beast movie! That’s right- a limited edition with their own take-off of those “Disney-fied” costume designs.

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Be Our Guest- Beauty and the Beast Costume Apparel just out!

Hot Topic is an American retail chain, specializing in pop culture and music inspired fashion, accessories, and merchandise. Of course, they just couldn’t pass this chance by, what with the culminating popularity of the upcoming Disney film. The styling may be just a little more wearable then the movie pieces are, but the timing couldn’t be better- as Disney’s Beauty and the Beast movie will be released on March 17.

Belle’s wardrobe for Beauty and The Beast is not just gorgeous and retro- (as in French Mediaeval) but Emma Watson herself played a hand in making many of the movie costume pieces,- adding her own take on a modern twist. The original french fairy tale from which the ensuing Disney animation film was made, was actually written in 1740. But, the costumes for the animated hit Beauty and the Beast were only loosely based on that time period and more on pleasing eye appeal and whimsical imagination.

Some of the other pieces in the Hot Topic fashion line will include Belle’s everyday blue frock, a remake of the Beast’s navy blue blazer from the ballroom scene, that adorable red-hooded cape and even the soon-to-be iconic yellow ball gown! Some of the clothing pieces will also include detailed patterns of signature designs from the film itself- like roses, books and the film’s famous characters.
Official licensed merchandise will be available as well. The trending clothing line will be available on February 24.

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