‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 8, Episode 14 Recap: [Spoiler] Is Returning to Mystic Falls

Hang on to your hats The Vampire Diaries fans. An evil character is making a return to Mystic Falls very soon.

We all knew that Cade would eventually meet his end. The only thing we didn’t know is how the writers would do it. Rather than drag Cade – and killing Cade – out to the very end, Stefan was able to kill him this week. What Stefan didn’t realize was that wouldn’t close hell. Instead, an evil characters many fans adored would return. Here are the 5 major takeaways from “It’s Been a Hell of a Ride”

#1. Cade Makes Another Deal

The start of the episode doesn’t involve Cade instantly trying to take Damon’s soul. Oh no! He wants something – the only dagger that can kill him. Well, that is understandable. Should he reap Damon’s soul for hell, Stefan and co. would hunt Cade down with a dagger that could end his life. Like he would want that to happen!

To get Damon to work with him, he shares something that Damon wants: Elena’s body. Yes, Cade has it thanks to Kai. The problem for Cade is that Kai now has the dagger and Damon can get it.

#2. Stefan Apologizes to Bonnie

Stefan does the right thing this week. Rather than running from his past mistakes, he takes responsibility for them and tells Bonnie how sorry he is for his actions. Bonnie has done a complete role reversal. Remember back in Season 1 when she despised Damon for killing her grams but helped Elena because Stefan was her friend? Well, now she has the opposite problem – sort of. She isn’t bothered that Stefan is leaving Mystic Falls but she wants to help Damon and get her friend’s body back.

Thanks to bad reviews, Stefan is able to find Kai and pays him a visit. Maybe he should have sent his vampire ex because Kai realizes right away that Stefan is human and stabs Stefan in the hand with the dagger. There is one thing: hell will disappear when Cade dies.

With that, Damon shows up and snaps Kai’s neck. It’s time to save the world – first matter of business is getting Kai in one of the Armory’s holding cells.

While all that happens, Bonnie is busy with Enzo in the world that she created for him. Enzo wants her to forgive Stefan. Out of all the people, Enzo would be able to make this suggestion. He killed Stefan when his humanity was turned off and was able to earn forgiveness. Why shouldn’t Stefan get that chance, too?

#3. The Salvatores Dim Elena’s Bright Soul

There have been all sorts of connections to earlier seasons of The Vampire Diaries and this week is no exception. When Stefan is able to find Elena’s body in her coffin, Cade explains that she has a bright soul. The Salvatores are dimming that brightness, something similar to Isobel’s statement in season 2.

Well, before their conversation can move on, Alaric starts ringing the Maxwell bell. Of course, all it does it hurt Cade.

#4. Caroline Gets Help from the Wrong Person

While everything happens, Caroline is trying to work out how to save her daughters. She decides to turn to the one person who may be able to help her: their Uncle Kai. Being a Gemini witch means that he should be able to help understand how to keep the girls safe.

Well, Kai just uses the information Caroline gives him to siphon the magic out of the Armory – who didn’t think that was going to happen? He decides to snap Carolines neck and go in search for his twin nieces. This plan cannot be good.

That does mean that Caroline has to call Alaric for help and means he stops ringing the bell, just before Stefan is able to kill Cade! That means that Cade gets the upper hand on the human, until Damon shows up. That’s just what Cade expected and Damon gets to make a choice: Cade can take Stefan’s soul or Elena’s soul.

For the old Damon this wouldn’t be a hard choice. Damon has always put himself or Elena before Stefan. Stefan has always been the one to put his brother first. But now it’s different. Damon has grown as a person and the Salvatore brothers have had chances to reconnect. This was a chance to further Damon’s character development and The Vampire Diaries writers delivered. Damon chose himself – he would sacrifice his own soul for his brother and girlfriend.

Just before Damon stakes himself and gives up his future with Elena, he tells Stefan “it’s been a hell of a ride.” With Damon gone, Cade doesn’t live up to his bargain. He sets fire to Elena’s coffin and goes to collect Damon’s soul. Bonnie gets a psychic call from Elena and finds Cade to kill him…well, Stefan is then able to kill Cade by stabbing him with the dagger.

#5. There Is More Than One Devil

Just as we thought it was all over, Bonnie learns a harrowing truth. Thanks to the twins, she is able to create the magic to lock Kai in another prison world – one with one of the most annoying songs ever. While gloating that hell is gone, Kai starts laughing. It turns out that that isn’t the case.

There’s more than one devil in hell. Who is that devil? Well, there’s only one person worse than Cade – someone who has a personal vendetta against everyone in Mystic Falls.

We all know who he is talking about and so do Bonnie and Damon. Yes The Vampire Diariesfans, Katherine Pierce is back and she’s ready for some revenge.

Well, of course she’s the one in charge of hell! Katherine is and always has been a survivor. She will do whatever it takes to win. Why wouldn’t she have worked her way to number two in hell, waiting for Cade’s demise?

I for one am super excited about Katherine’s return. It’s what I’ve wanted since finding out that there was a hell and that’s where Katherine had likely been dragged to. There are just two episodes of The Vampire Diaries left and I’m strangely looking forward to them.

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