Grimm Recap Episode 8 Season 6 “The Son Also Rises”

As the Grimm team continues to deliberate on the meaning of those accursed symbols and carvings from the tunnels, a new monster is on the loose and he is in a bad mood.

Grimm Recap Episode 8 Season 6 “The Son Also Rises”

Grimm “The Son Also Rises”

Grimm writers continue to have a little fun with their play on words to connect our thoughts and feelings about the monster of the week. And as far as those symbolic cave markings go, we are still wondering- is it a plague, the end of the world, locusts, or as Monroe offers- something even worse. Eve is now sleeping in the spice shop as yes, it was getting a little- ahem, awkward, at Nick and Adalind’s. Then, after Monroe and Rosalie go to bed, Eve studies the symbols a little longer but soon a hand mirror kind of calls to her. Looking in the mirror she says, “ Who were you” Who are you now?” Yep, we have the same questions there Eve/Juliette as we can’t even settle on your real name.

As we expected it would, the green-glowing eyes of the demon appear again, as they did last week, and okay, we realize this is going to be an issue. But when she peers even closer, its ‘death-grip’ arm actually comes out of the mirror and tries to choke her! Eve is not having any of this, so she woges and then bites the arm that chokes her- Good for you Hexenbiest Eve! But the arm tosses her back and she hits her head on a shelf and is out for the count. Then, when Rosalie and Monroe return, they find her unconscious with blood pooling from her head.

Meanwhile, we get the usual lead-in for the monster-of-the week when a nice lady in a lab is brutally murdered and Wu, Hank and Nick run to the scene. This time we didn’t get to see what happened but know we will get a chance to become more acquainted with said monster pretty darn soon! Later, on the scene of this Wesen-carnage, Nick gets the call from Monroe that Juliette’s hurt so sorry, Nick leaves and goes to the hospital. Oh, yeah, that didn’t pass us by- the way Nick called her Juliette and not Eve. Ver-r-r-y interesting! Nick also decides to tell Monroe the whole story about Juliette/Eve having that experience in his washroom at the loft with the mirror and that ugly, demonic, green-glowing eyed-face showing in his bathroom mirror. Monroe is not too happy that Nick didn’t tell anyone but of course, his crazy birthday bash was happening.

So, of course the research team of Monroe and Rosalie head on home again to decipher this new mystery and Nick- goes to Eve’s or this time, should I say Juliette’s, bedside at the hospital.

Back on the monster case, Wu and Hank are left Grimm-less to work on this new problem alone. They contact the last person that the poor dead victim- Deirdre, called before being beaten to death. This person ends up being her colleague, Sanji Raju, who says they talked about work, but the police team of Wu and Hank are not fooled by this response. Later, they find fingerprints of two dead and cremated men at the scene of the murder which just isn’t making any sense at all.

Hank and Wu learn later that Deirdre was working with stem cells, and also that Sanji does regenerative tissue. The two other members of this little science team turn out to be Julian Levy and Victor Shelley- Shelley? Isn’t Mary Shelley that the author of… wait this is definitely pointing somewhere. And then, when we see a man with bad scarring on his face and a strange, stiff gate who sees a “missing” poster with his own face on it- it’s really starting to dawn. One of his arms woges into a really scary arm too. By George, it looks like this little science group have created a monster… A Frankenstein monster! And Deirdre was part of it all.

Next, we see Hank and Wu, who are doing really well on their own, check out a local funeral home and a creepy-looking director tells them- no, he hasn’t had any missing bodies lately, or body parts for that matter. But, he does, however, engage in cremating the bodies of any unfortunate, unclaimed criminals that he might just get from the Portland PD. Then the biggee- He confesses a man came in and offered to pay for bodies, he accepted and sold a few to them. (Doh, well that’s not unusual!) Okay, now we’re getting somewhere. He indignantly claims hey! It was just another business deal so what’s the problem. But when Wu and Hank push it he ends up admitting that the body purchaser was a Dr. Levy.

Cut to Dr. Levy and Sanji now- we see them shredding files when the Frankenstein monster bursts in and starts to attack.
And when we get back to Hank and Wu again they have figured a few things out. Not only were the fingerprints on Deirdre- the first victim, those of two dead men, but those recently killed Black Claw members who were among the police’s dead bodies and then we learn Dr. Shelley’s own son died in a car accident. Uh, huh, are the parts the sum of the whole at this point? At least we know why the poor monster has that horrible woging Black Claw arm. Eeeek!

When the police are called in and come to view the carnage at the Sanji home, they see that Sanji is dead but they also see a small jump drive stick. Hank and Wu view it and it’s like seeing a modern take on “Frankenstein Lives”. We see Shelley’s- Victor’s not Mary’s- son on an operating table. He’s obviously been freshly sewn together and then they use paddles to shock the poor hulk to life. Sound familiar? The monster then does come to life and his Black Claw arm woges- a factor the good scientists didn’t count on, or perhaps, didn’t even know about.

Anyway, they have to quickly pump him with a sedative and they are excited that their “creation” is alive! Deirdre shouts that they need to destroy the creature and there is general mayhem before the camera is shut off. Sorry guys you should have pushed the destroy part a little harder, because now a few of you are dead!

Final Scenes

Renard has been consulting with a friend of his, Dasha, from Siberia via the phone on the subject of the drawings. She knows there’s something to it and when she gets back to him she seems alarmed. She indicates it is an ancient prophesy but is not sure if it is good or bad. (Good thought- who ever would think good?) Anyway she warns Renard to keep an eye on his daughter Diana if she is in anyway connected to the symbols. Oh yeah, he is.

From time to time through this episode we have watched Nick at Juliette/Eve’s bedside and he is thinking back and having flashbacks to their earlier life and what brought them to this point. (Oh, oh, this is getting good, as the question we all have been thinking all along is coming back into focus: Will Nick end up back with Juliette?) Things are just minimally beginning to brew in this category…or are they? Methinks so. Eventually, when Juliette finally wakes up she tells Nick about the long arm of that demon coming right out of the mirror to choke her. Nick is quite alarmed at that news. Then, Juliette/Eve announces that she feels this is only the beginning of something coming and it’s coming fast and going to get a lot worse!

Back to our monster: A woman recognizes the ‘missing’ poster to be the face of the Frankenstein man who just walked passed her- (She doesn’t know how lucky she was that he didn’t stop for a visit)- and calls Shelley. He grabs a gun and heads out to presumably meet up with his “easy-to-assemble” son.

Next, Hank and Wu get Levy in for questioning and Levy finally admits to the “Frankenstein project”. Levy meets up with Shelley and tells him the police now know all about it! He (Levy) tells Shelley he should have killed the creature but sadly, Shelley says that he already watched his son die once and couldn’t watch it again. Then Hank and Wu show up and tell them they are under arrest, but not before the part-Wesen, part dead(?) creature shows up to round out the little party and the Frankenstein creature goes for Levy. Well, dad- Victor Shelley has no other recourse then to shoot his son, the poor monster and is about to turn the gun on himself, when Hank takes a swipe and stops him.

“Not a chance,” Hank says, “Somebody’s got to explain this, and it’s not going to be me.” Ha! Another Grimm week sees the death of the monster- but this time it had that pitiful element, like all good Frankenstein movies.

A few burning questions:

1) Is Nick discovering an old soft spot again for Juliette?
2) Is Diana really the vehicle for this “something wicked this way comes” that is connected to those symbols and calendars?
3) What about the triplets that are on their way for Monroe and Rosalie? What kind of Wesen will they be or what powers will they have?

Missed last week’s episode? Read about it here.

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