Monday February 27, 2017 5 Top Stories to Start Your Day

Monday February 27, 2017 5 Top Stories to Start Your Day

1. The Academy Awards were presented Sunday night and there were a few surprises. For those who have not seen the awards show, SPOILER ALERT, many of the favorites won but there were some real surprises. If you didn’t see the last 10 minutes of the show, you need to check it out. After mistakenly announcing that La La Land had won best picture, those on stage realized that the wrong film was announced as the Oscar winner. Best picture went to Moonlight. Best Actress went to Emma Stone, Best Actor, Casey Affleck, Best Supporting Actress, Viola Davis and Best Supporting Actor went to Mahershala Ali, who became the first Muslim American to win an Oscar.

2. In the world of politics, President Trump announced he would not attend the White House Correspondents Dinner via Twitter on Saturday. He will be the first President not to attend in over 30 years. Considering the rift between members of the press and the Trump administration it should hardly come as a surprise that President Trump made the decision not to attend the charity event. The WHCA president Jeff Mason stated that that they will still hold the event whether Trump attends or not. The event “has been and will continue to be a celebration of the First Amendment and the important role played by an independent news media in a healthy republic.”

3. President Donald Trump’s nominee to be secretary of the Navy, Philip Bilden, withdrew from consideration Sunday. Bilden withdrew his name after he discovered that difficulty he would face untangling himself from business ventures. Bilden stated that, “”However, after an extensive review process, I have determined that I will not be able to satisfy the Office of Government Ethics requirements without undue disruption and materially adverse divestment of my family’s private financial interests.”

4. South Korea’s Yonhap news agency reported Monday that North Korea has executed five senior security officials for making false reports that “enraged” leader Kim Jong Un. The five were killed with anti-aircraft guns, the National Intelligence Service said in a private briefing to lawmakers, according to the news agency. The news of the executions came as South Korea’s spy agency said Monday that Pyongyang was behind the assassination of Kim Jong Nam. The National Intelligence Service told lawmakers that four of the eight suspects in the killing worked for Pyongyang’s Ministry of State Security and two others were employed by the foreign ministry.

5. According to numerous sources, President Trump will be asking Congress to increase military spending budgets while cutting the budgets of other agencies such as the EPA and the State Department. Reuters is also reporting that Trump’s request for more money for the Pentagon included more money for shipbuilding, military aircraft and establishing “a more robust presence in key international waterways and chokepoints” such as the Strait of Hormuz and South China Sea. On Friday, President Trump in a speech to conservative activists, he promised to create “one of the greatest military buildups in American history.”

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