Night Two of Blinds on ‘The Voice’

On the debut of “The Voice” season 12, the coaches got things off to a good start and each has two singers on their teams.

Night two of the blind auditions is only an hour long but it was a performance filled show.

The Voice

Skating instructor Autumn Turner got the night of auditions started off with her version of “Last Dance” by Donna Summer. Adam led off the turning of the chairs early, followed by Gwen, Alicia, and finally Blake to make it a four chair turn. Adam said that Autumn had grace and soul; adding that she could easily win the whole show. Saying that she wasn’t from earth, Adam asked what planet Autumn was from. Gwen was blown away by Autumn saying that she didn’t have the skills Autumn had; but could offer her experience. Alicia said that she enjoyed the way Autumn grew in the song. Blake called Autumn unbelievable. Autumn chose Alicia as her coach.

Jesse Larson’s audition was not his first encounter with “The Voice”, After receiving a call from Prince his band played for “The Voice” alum Judith Hill. Playing a guitar that he made himself, Jess performed the John Lennon song “Jealous Guy” for his audition. Only Adam pushed his button for Jesse. Adam went on stage and thanked Jesse. He noted that there was no one with ears who should not have turned around for Jesse. He added that Jesse’s playing was ridiculous and one of the coolest things he had ever heard; adding that he heard some Cee Lo Green and some Eddie Van Halen in his playing. Alica said that she didn’t turn around because she didn’t want Adam to miss out on another singer.

Fifteen year old Aliyah Mouldin once opened for Jesse McCartney and participated in the BET Experience. Choosing to sing a version of “Hound Dog” that was never heard by Elvis, Aliyah turned all four chairs beginning with Blake then Adam, Gwen, and Alicia. Gwen called her the cutest thing she had ever seen. Adam called her amazing. Blake noted that he has had a lot of success with young people on the show; adding that she has so much energy and power in her vocals. Alicia said that Aliyah’s performance was pure. While Aliyah said in her video that she would like Alicia, Aliyah chose Blake to be her coach.

Sixteen year old Savannah Leighton chose “Uncondtionally” for her audition and got love birds Blake and Gwen to turn their chairs. Gwen goes up on stage to give Savannah a hug as Blake is calling out no hugging. Gwen noted that she couldn’t understand why Savannah wouldn’t go with a girl. Alicia noted that Savannah has so much to offer; adding that she could hear it in Savannah’s voice. Noting that he might get himself in some bad trouble, Blake said that really wanted Savannah on his team; adding it was his chance to live a girl’s dream. Savannah chose Gwen to be her coach.

Nick Townsend performed the Sam Smith song “Writing’s on the Wall” for his audition but failed to turn any chairs despite taking on such a difficult song. Adam noted that Nick had a great voice but was a little flat. Alicia was impressed but wanted more emotion out of Nick.

In the final audition of the night, entertainer and restaurant server Lily Passero chose the vintage song “A Love of My Own”. After pushing his button, Blake stood up and was clapping. Gwen and Alicia followed turning their chairs. Blake said that there was something so classic about Lily; adding that Lily was so good. Alicia noted that she thought the songs from the 50s and 60s were well written; adding that she would love to explore that world with Lily. Alicia sang her plea for Lily to choose her. Lily revealed that she waited on Gwen one night at the restaurant. Gwen loved Lily’s voice and theatrical sound. Lily chose Alicia to be her coach.

The Teams:
Gwen Stefani:
Stephanie Rice
Savannah Leighton

Blake Shelton:
Lauren Duski
Brennley Brown
Aliyah Mouldin

Adam Levine:
Johnny Hayes
Mark Isaiah
Jesse Larson

Alicia Keys:
Anatalia Villaranda
Felicia Temple
Autumn Turner
Lily Passero

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