Post Apocalyptic Drivers on ‘Face Off’

On last week’s episode of “Face Off” Emily and Tyler’s Mad Science experiment earned them immunity from being sent home in this week’s elimination challenge.

This week the six remaining teams will face another twist as they battle to avoid being the team that is sent home.

Face Off

The artists find themselves out in the middle of nowhere in the desert..and no McKenzie anywhere in sight. Adam calls out her name. The group sees a car approaching in a cloud of dust and it is McKenzie behind the wheel of the newest Hyundai. As she tells the artists of Hyundai’s slogan is “we make things better,” they see more vehicles approaching.

The vehicles – wasteland cars – is a part of this week’s challenge. Noting the in some films the futuristic cars were as important as the actors, McKenzie tells the team that each team will choose a car and create the person who would drive it. The extra challenge this week is that in the trunk of the cars are various automobile parts; they must choose at least three of those parts and incorporate them into their makeups.

Many of the artists are excited about the challenge but some are having a bit of trouble getting the proper inspiration to create their character.

After Michael Westmore visits the lab to offer his advice, Ben and Evan have a better sense of what they want to do. Again this week the teams are doing a great deal of fabricating to enhance their creations.

Going into last looks there is still a great deal of work to be done.

Joining head judge Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill, and Neville Page this week is guest judge writer, producer, and director Paul W.S. Anderson.

After the reveal and closer looks the judges wish to speak with all of the teams about their work…

Up first Ben and Evan had some super cool stuff and really did a great job in presenting a complete character.

Adam and Logan’s makeup was not well painted and they missed an opportunity with the marks on their character to better bring them out.

Emily and Tyler created a unique and cool character but Glenn had a huge issue with the fact that it did not properly address the challenge. Ve called the headpiece awesome.

Glenn said that Cig and George hit their pace with this one. Paul called the character terrific from the first moment and Ve like the subtle paint work.

The judges were not real happy with the way Melissa and Keaghlan’s character was painted; noting that it was a cool idea but didn’t feel authentic.

The judges were not happy with Rachael and Gage’s makeup either, saying that it needed to be more authentic. Paul noted that they showed too much and didn’t leave enough to the imagination.

Glenn named the winning team as Cig and George.

Emily and Tyler and Ben and Evan were safe but Rachael and Gage, Melissa and Keaghlan, and Adam and Logan were all in the bottom looks.

Instead of naming an eliminated team, McKenzie announced that playing on the Hyundai slogan, the teams in the bottom looks will get another chance to take the judges remarks and improve on their work with a second last looks.

The show ended at the end of last looks with no elimination and the words…to be continued.

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