Concealed Carry Applications in Ohio Highest in a Decade

In its annual report on Ohio’s Concealed Handgun Law, issued on March 1, 2017, for a round-up of 2016 information, the attorney general’s office reported that concealed carry permits issued in 2016 were the highest since 2004, totaling in excess of 158,000 such licenses.

Ohio’s 88 county sheriffs are responsible for the issuance of new concealed carry permits and for the renewal of such permits and the reporting of this information to the attorney general’s office. The Ohio AG’s office, in its annual report on the concealed handgun law for 2016 reveals that of the more than 158,000 concealed handgun permits applied for 117,953, or 75 percent of the total, were for new licenses issued with 40,982 concealed carry license renewals.

Also notable in the annual report was that in 2016, a record number of concealed carry licenses were suspended or revoked by county sheriff’s offices. The number of concealed carry licenses that have been revoked in Ohio has gone up steadily since 2014, when 373 licenses were revoked; 2015, when 530 licenses were revoked; and 2016, when 607 licenses were revoked.

In Ohio, concealed carry licenses may be revoked if the license holder is convicted of a crime, develops mental illness issues or is drug or alcohol dependent. In their reports to the attorney general, the sheriffs are not required to specify the grounds under which a concealed carry license revocation occurred.

In 2016, there were 1,669 concealed carry license suspensions, compared to 1,319 such suspensions in 2015. The suspension of a concealed handgun license in Ohio is required any time a person with such a license is arrested, is charged with certain offenses or has a protection order issued against him/her. Sheriffs may then reinstate a suspended concealed handgun license if charges are dropped against the license holder or dismissed. Again, sheriffs do not have to report the reasons for concealed carry license suspension to the attorney general’s office.

Ohio Concealed Handgun License Issuance/Renewal in Select Counties in 2016

Cuyahoga County: 1,430 new licenses; 1,015 licenses renewed

Franklin County: 7,569 new licenses; 2,580 licenses renewed

Hamilton County: 3,756 new licenses; 1,319 licenses renewed

Lorain County: 1,921 new licenses; 852 licenses renewed

Lucas County: 1,765 new licenses; 933 licenses renewed

Mahoning County: 2,840 new licenses; 650 licenses renewed

Montgomery County: 6,407 new licenses; 1,738 licenses renewed

Stark County: 2,637 new licenses; 989 licenses renewed

Summit County: 2,896 new licenses; 1,134 licenses renewed

The Ohio attorney general’s annual report also provides information to concealed carry weapon permit holders as to which states offer reciprocity for their permits and county-by-county details on license suspensions, revocations and denied licenses.

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