Special Thursday Edition on “The Voice”

In a special one hour edition of “The Voice” the blind auditions continue as the coaches try to find the best 12 singers for their teams.

The Voice

First up was Ashley Levin with “Let Him Fly”. Gwen was the first coach to push her button; followed by Blake and Alicia. Ashley noted that it was so cool. Adam said that Ashley looked like the embodiment of a ray of sunshine. Gwen noted that it was very frustrating because boyfriend Blake was there; adding that she loved the vibrato and sweetness of Ashley’s voice. Gwen noted that if Ashley makes it to the finals, she has the “hook up”. Alicia noted that there was so much soul in side of Ashley; adding that she could see so many influences in Ashley. After asking Ashley why she chose Nashville – the songwriting – Blake said that he loved hearing about the writing. Saying that she listened to them all her life, Ashley chose Blake to be her coach.

Fireman and EMT Brandon Royal brought a first to “The Voice” stage – he is the first singer from the US Virgin Islands. He chose the Stevie Wonder song “Master Blaster” for his audition and got “The Voice” couple Gwen and Blake to push their buttons. Brandon said that running into a fire had nothing on that stage. Alicia said that Brandon showed so much bravery in doing the song. Noting that they don’t have that much in common, Blake said that he likes to start fires – Brandon said that he could put them out; added that he knows how to get someone to the winner’s circle. Gwen said that there was something pure and natural about what Brandon does; adding that she feels the different styles in what he does. Brandon chose Gwen to be his coach.

Adam Pierce started playing the guitar in high school to impress his future wife and turned it into a career. In his video package, he noted that it would be an honour to work with Adam Levine. Adam chose the Pocol Harum hit “A Whiter Shade of Pale” for his audition but failed to turn any chairs but Adam Levine came very close to pushing his button. Noting that Adam had one of he coolest rock and roll voices, Adam Levine said that he was mad at himself but noted that he noted some pitch issues and invited Adam Pierce to come back. Blake called Adam Pierce such a good singer.

Julien Martinez chose the Blues classic “Pride and Joy” for his audition and had to wait until the last note of the song before Adam and Blake pushed their button. Blake noted that it was the scream that got him to turn his chair. Alicia said that Julien had a killer voice. Adam said that that last note sounded like the birth of Satan. Blake noted that he needed Julien on his team because he needed a manly man on his team; adding he has the best scream in rock and roll. Gwen called Julien incredible. Julien chose Adam to be his coach.

At age 13 Quizz Swanigan is the youngest contestant to ever audition on “The Voice”. It took them until the end of the song before Alicia and Gwen turned their chairs. Alicia said that Quizz has such a special thing about him with a powerful innocent voice; adding that she felt his heart. Gwen said that he brought a fresh version to a known song. Saying that it is so crazy right now and he had to think about it, Quizz chose Alicia to be his coach.

In the final auditon of the night, Casi Joy sang the Leann Rimes song “Blue”. It took Gwen only two seconds to push her button with Alicia following a few seconds later. Blake and Adam made it the only four chair turn of the night. Calling Casi unbelievable, Gwen said that she would always remember the performance. Adam said that he would do a cartwheel to get Casi on his team; adding that her yodeling was the craziest thing he had ever heard. Alicia told Casi that she should focus on the two newest coaches. Blake called the performance an instant classic; adding that what just happened was the same thing that happened when Leann first performed the song. Saying that she was ready to see where the show takes her, Casi chose Blake to be her coach.


The Teams:
Gwen Stefani:
Stephanie Rice
Savannah Leighton
Brandon Royal

Blake Shelton:
Lauren Duski
Brennley Brown
Aliyah Mouldin
Ashely Levin
Casi Joy

Adam Levine:
Johnny Hayes
Mark Isaiah
Jesse Larson
Julien Martinez

Alicia Keys:
Anatalia Villaranda
Felicia Temple
Autumn Turner
Lily Passero
Quizz Sanigan

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