‘Supernatural’ Season 12, Episode 14 Recap: Sam Winchester Finally Picks a Side

The last few episodes haven’t been kind to the Winchester brothers. Supernatural Season 12 has seen them almost lose their best friend, learn about Princes of Hell, and find out their mother has been lying to them. This week is no different when they are unexpectedly separated and a nest of vamps need dealing with.

There are spoilers from this point, plus catch ups from the last couple of episodes.

Azazel’s Yellow Eyes Finally Explained

Plenty of Supernatural fans have wondered for years why Azazel had yellow eyes. He had been the only demon like that, but never with an explanation, even from the Yellow Eyed Demon himself. Well, it turns out that he was part of a group of demon’s – the second demons created and named Princes of Hell.

Only that Azazel was the only one who did as he was created for: gathered up special children to get ready for the upcoming war when Lucifer was released from the cage. His brothers and sisters weren’t so bothered. As long as they were left alone, they were willing to let others do and go as they pleased.

Well, one in particular couldn’t be left alone – one who loved to collect mystical objects. Back in Supernatural Season 5 when Crowley took the Colt, he was actually taking it to a Prince of Hell, who also happened to have the Staff of Michael. That Staff of Michael was later used on Castiel – it would kill good and bad – when the Winchesters attacked thanks to some poor intel from the British Men of Letters. Unsurprisingly the British Men of Letters wanted the Colt.

Crowley came in to help save the day and Castiel was saved, after telling the Winchesters that he loved them. It was touching and there were tears, but we were quickly able to move on to the more important point – there are more Princes of Hell and one is paying attention to the Spawn of Satan. But now we know all about the yellow eyes – all Princes of Hell have them.

Crowley’s Son Returns to Help the Winchesters

The new Supernatural showrunners are doing one thing that others have failed in the past – linking old stories and coming up with new ways to handle characters. After explaining the yellow eyes – which we can partially assume was something discussed in the earlier days between Eric Kripke and Robert Singer – the writers decided to focus on Crowley’s son. As many Supernatural fans will remember, Abaddon brought him from the past to the present day to manipulate Crowley and Crowley decided to let his son live in the modern day world instead of going back to the past to his disastrous fate.

In “Family Feud” the Winchesters realize that they need Crowley’s son’s help. People are dying and the deaths are teachers who are involved in trips to a museum exhibition about the ship that took the people of Scotland to the United States – the one that Gavin was supposed to be on. He knew all about it and it soon became clear that his lover, Fiona, had stowed herself onboard.

Well, without Gavin there, she was used in all sorts of ways that women shouldn’t by the crew. The other people onboard just let it happen. When the ship sank, she became a vengeful spirit after the teachers – because the one teacher onboard claimed that Fiona deserve it for her illicit relationship with Gavin.

With the help of Rowena, Gavin makes the decision to go back in time and get onboard the ship with Fiona. They are able to change the timeline so Fiona’s ghost never attacks anybody. Of course, it turns out that Rowena helped to get her own back on Crowley – she wanted him to feel the pain of losing a beloved child like he made her when she was forced to murder her favorite son. There was a lot more that could have been said, but never mind. Maybe for another episode.

There were a few more important points to focus on instead. Kelly was about to be attacked by angels to kill the Spawn of Satan, when one of the Princes of Hell turned up to save her. Now the two of them are sticking together.

Lucifer never went back to the cage. Crowley worked up a change to the spell so he has Lucifer trapped in hell – although we know that won’t be for long.

As for Mary, she finally told Sam and Dean what she has really been up to for the last few months. Of course, neither were exactly happy considering what the British Men of Letters did to the Winchesters when they first turned up, but that leaves us to this week’s episode of Supernatural Season 12.

The Winchesters Pick a Side

Mary attempts to get her boys to understand, but Dean isn’t budging. Shutting down the conversation, he tells Mary to get out of the bunker and walks off. There is a hint that Sam is going to listen to her eventually, but he just needs time to accept things.

Of course, the brothers have a discussion. Dean wants to hunt rather than talk, but Sam wants to give his mother the benefit of the doubt. Having enough of always sitting on the fence, Dean tells his brother to choose a side and walks off. That’s when Sam decides to hear his mother out. Visiting the temporary Men of Letters bunker that the Brits have set up, he finds out about their operation.

That’s when he learns about the plan to wipe out all vampires. They have just one nest left. It should be easy, except that the Alpha Vamp has found out and pays that nest a visit.

Meanwhile, Dean gets a visit from Kit, who wants to recruit Dean his own way. They go on a hunting trip to the vamp nest to find it empty and it’s a race against time to get back to the bunker.

Sam goes on a vampire killing spree, while it turns out that one of the hunters onboard has been working with the Alpha Vamp for a while for a bit of a better life. He told the Alpha what was happening.

The good thing was that Sam found out about the Colt and told Mick and the other British Men of Letters how to make more bullets. They’re made just in time for Sam to fire a shot off the Colt and into the Alpha’s head.

At the very end, he decides to choose a side – the British Men of Letter’s side. There is a lot that they can both learn from each other and Sam does like the idea of a no-hunting lifestyle. He’ll just have to get Dean on board, and we all know how that will work.

What’s the betting that the brothers will spend a couple of episodes apart, as Sam works with the British Men of Letters and Dean tries to go it alone one vamp or demon at a time?

Surely they will all have to work together when it comes to the Spawn of Satan, who wasn’t mentioned during the episode. And of course the question of who the five creatures in existence are that can’t be killed by the Colt keeps coming up. Maybe this will finally be answered now that the Colt is back in action – and it’s just another show of how Robert Singer and Andrew Dabb are using their knowledge and connection to the earlier seasons of Supernatural to bring back favorites to new episodes.

What did you think of the recent episodes of Supernatural Season 12? Do you think the Winchesters should join the British Men of Letters or are they up to something dastardly?

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