Zara’s ‘What the Curves?’ Ad Causing Quite the Buzz

Zara’s new marketing campaign is presently the subject of a controversial buzz on twitter and the like, with their “Love Your Curves” ad. The problem is — there aren’t any noticeable curves!

Zara’s “What the Curves?” Ad Causing Quite the Buzz

Is Zara throwing a “curve” ball?

The social media outcry is about just that problem. As you can see these models are lovely but are slim and straight-sized. Before all the fuss began, the ad was showing in Zara stores in England and Spain, but the controversy started when an Irish radio personality, Muireann O’Connell, first tweeted about it. Since then, many other customers have taken to twitter to complain about the obvious lack of a plus-sized or “curvy” model. Now the ad is going viral as many weigh in on the subject. Some are wondering, “Is Zara fashion stores saying that all curves should be loved, even slight ones, or is their lack of a curvy model in the photo just a bad faux pas?” tells us that Zara has run into problems in the past for not having enough options for plus-sized women as well as having only a few large sizes available. Many of the tweets have mentioned concern about the impact the “Love Your Curves” campaign will have on young girls and the message the retail store is sending them. It remains to be seen how Zara will answer to the controversy if indeed they do at all.

Originating in Spain, Zara went international in 1988 and opened in the USA in ’89 and ’90, then slowly expanded to many countries worldwide. In 2015, Zara was ranked 30 on Interbrand’s list of best global brands. Zara retails women’s, men’s and children’s clothing and accessories.

Zara is widely noted to be a leader in the concept of rapid development in fast-changing fashions.Their secret for quick fashion retailing is the ability to generate quick turnover of merchandise in their stores. Their designers develop the styles, up to four a day, which are reviewed and then put into production. Many designs by fashion designers in Paris are in Zara stores in a blink of an eye from the time they first appear on the runway.

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