On This Day in History: March 3

What happened in history today? March 3 saw Helen Keller start learning, despite her disability.

1515: The Secret Marriage of Mary Tudor and Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk

On this day in history, two people close to Henry VIII made a dangerous decision to marry in secret. Just two months after the death of her husband, King Louis of France, Mary Tudor (the sister of Henry VIII) married Charles Mary and CharlesBrandon, Duke of Suffolk in secret. Mary had already had her brother promise her that she could marry whomever she wanted after the death of her French husband, but that didn’t mean Henry VIII wanted it to work out this way. Mary was 18 — almost 19 — at the time and Brandon was 12 years older (much younger than the 52-year-old late king). They married at Hotel de Clugny in front of 10 people, including the new King Francis of France. Unsurprisingly Henry VIII was angry and had to be talked down from serious forms of punishment for the two. They were forced into a more formal wedding in May the same year.

1863: Conscription Act Passed by Congress

The Conscription Act was passed today in history. It was during the American Civil War, as was the first time drafting of American citizens was used. All males between 20 and 45 had to register, including anyone intending to become citizens. They had until April 1 to do it. For $300, someone could buy their way out of being drafted, or they had to find a substitute. Riots started in New York City, as only the rich could afford this. Drafting was used after this, with the last during the Vietnam War.

1875: The First Indoor Ice Hockey Game

On this day in history, the first indoor ice hockey game took place. James Creighton advertised the first game at Helen Keller and Anne SullivanVictoria Skating Rink, Montreal, Quebec. Before this, there had been no set dimensions or rules for team sizes for the casual game. Due to the size of the rink, the game was set to just nine players aside. The hockey ball was replaced with a disc, called a puck. It would start the passion for ice hockey that is known today.

1887: Helen Keller Starts to Learn

At six-years-old, Helen Keller was given the first chance to learn. After a brief illness as a baby, she was left blind and deaf. Her parents contacted Alexander Graham Bell to find out if he could help, and he recommended Anne Sullivan. At 20 years old, she visited the Kellers and started working with Helen, but it would take weeks for the stubborn child to grasp the initial stages. With Sullivan’s help, Keller went on to graduate from Radcliffe College with honors. Sullivan stayed with her until her own death.

Famous Birthdays on March 3

Railway sleeping car inventor George M. Pullman—1831

Telephone inventor Alexander Graham Bell—1847

WWII and Korea Army leader Matthew Ridgeway—1895

Lifeboat actor Canada Lee—1903

Biochemist Nobel Prize winner Arthur Komberg—1918

Divine Comedies poet James Merrill—1926

Mad Max director George Miller–1945

Boston Legal actress Julie Bowen–1970

Cake Boss chef Buddy Valastro—1977

Boyzone member Ronan Keeting—1977

Blade: Trinity actress Jessica Biel—1982

19 Kids and Counting star Joshua Duggar—1988


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Featured image from Deposit Photos

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Helen Keller in the public domain: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Helen_Keller#/media/File:Helen_Keller_with_Anne_Sullivan_in_July_1888.jpg

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