An Expectant Mother Has the World on the Edge of Their Seats

As hundreds of thousands of people around the world await the delivery of a new baby, April the giraffe goes about her day at Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York, unaware that her every move is being watched on a live streaming camera to record the blessed event.

April the giraffe, 15-years-old, is pregnant with her fourth calf and about a month overdue for delivery according to a timeline that the Animal Adventure Park petting zookeeper was based on the animal’s breeding behavior. April the giraffe has what many celebrities have these days – her own web page at the Animal Adventure Park website. Those interested in joining the watch for the initial stages of labor and eventual delivery can view April around the clock from the streaming cam being shown on YouTube or April’s own web page.

While this birth will be the female giraffe’s fourth calf, it will be Animal Adventure Park’s first giraffe calf born there. A giraffe’s pregnancy last 15 months and culminates in the birth of a single calf weighing about 150 pounds and standing approximately six feet tall. Giraffes nurse their calves for six to 10 months. Once weaned through a natural process, not one interfered with by Animal Adventure Park, the young giraffe will be moved to another facility to prevent incestuous breeding.

The animal park will sponsor a contest after the baby giraffe’s arrival for naming of the newborn.

April’s mate, Oliver, is five-years-old. This is the first calf he has sired. Male giraffes don’t take part in raising their offspring, being interested only in fighting or reproducing with other giraffes. Oliver is in a pen next to April’s.

Until April’s labor begins, which is anticipate to occur at any time now, viewers have been content to watch the giraffe go about her daily routine and to watch her swollen abdomen as movement from the calf inside can be seen.

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