Grimm Recap Episode 9 Season 6 “Tree People”

Episode 9 may “stump” you at first when you witness a tree that is mad as hell and just isn’t going to take it anymore any time people pollute the forest. And Eve contemplates what to do about that annoying “death-grip-guy”.

WARNING: Spoilers Ahead!

Grimm Recap Episode 9 Season 6 “Tree People”

Episode 9 Season 6 “Tree People”

We open with Nick and Monroe studying that wall mirror in Nick’s loft where Eve first witnessed the ‘death-grip’ demon face. Adalind and he has the mirror covered and I certainly don’t blame them. Back at his home, Monroe shows Eve, who is clearly spooked by all this, the hand mirror again- the one where an ugly arm emerged and nearly choked her to death! When they examine it, it drips blood. Wisely, Monroe puts it back in that safe drawer.
(I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t sleep well with that thing in my home!)

Now we move on to the monster-of-the-week section of the show and witness two drunk hunters driving crazily at night in the middle of the woods. We all know some monster is going to appear soon and just can’t believe these two guys as they rudely kill a deer and throw beer cans around the place. When one of them is just about to gut the poor animal with his trusty knife, some weird travelling vines shoot towards him and wrap him tightly. Next, we see a bark-covered monster come toward him. And from here on in for simplicity, I will refer to this monster as “woody”. The rowdy and rude hunter is then, wound tightly with these vines and when his buddy finally finds him wrapped that way, the victim spews blood or whatever all over his buddy- (nasty) and dies!

Ralph, turns out to be the name of the drunken hunter that witnessed his unfortunate friend’s demise. He soon calls in the cops to the scene and so lucky for him they just happen to be the three amigos- Nick, Hank and Wu! They’re probably the only ones on the force that would actually take a wild story like this seriously.

Ralph recounts what happened and is in no way calm about it while the team weigh in on his story. He explains he saw “woody” and his vines and how one of the vines actually punctured right through his friend’s body just before he spewed blood on Ralph’s t-shirt. He said “woody” then just took off dragging the body with him while Ralph hightailed it out of there. (Too bad the deer hadn’t done the same.)

Even with their exclusive Wesen knowledge, I must admit, all the Grimm boys are a bit “stumped” but surmise that maybe Ralph’s buddy just woged and scared Ralph? But on further investigation Nick finds a big strange looking tree in the forest, (Treebeard has nothing on this) and is justifiably puzzled.

Later on Wu finds out that there have been other disappearances in the area prior to this one. On top of that news, the medical report shows that nasty liquid that was spewed on Ralph’s shirt was full of a chlorophyll-like substance as like from a sequoia tree. Okay, now they need to bring in the research team of Monroe and Rosalie and their vast library of “Wesen-pedia” to see if “woody” is real and Ralph was “barking up the right tree” (sorry, again).

Soon good ol’ Hank notices a drawing of a Japanese ‘kinoshimobe’ tree whose victims are lost forever into the “eternity” of the woods. (Not a bad place to spend eternity, if you had a choice.) And Rosalee decides that perhaps “woody’s” actions are a tad justified when you consider the disrespect the victims had for the forest. Monroe weighs in on that and agrees. (But wait a minute! Wouldn’t a heavy fine and a few years in jail work too?-Ha!)

Meanwhile, back at the spice shop with Rosalee and Monroe, Eve suggests, after discussing the possibilities of what all this means with the ‘death-grip demon’, that just perhaps a trip to the death world may be the answer. (Eek! Uh, huh- sure, Eve- you do that!) I have a distinct feeling this avenue will be further explored in the upcoming episodes, for sure.

But soon, we get to see the kinoshimobe in action once again, when a questionable character who runs a ‘waste disposal’ company starts dumping some ugly looking red, liquid toxin into the ground, via a long hose. Since the operation may take a while, she makes her self real comfortable in a lounge chair- really- and waits for the dastardly deed to be completed. And… we all know what’s going to happen next! Sure enough, ‘woody’ appears from nowhere and branches out again with his crawling, strangling vines and we get to witness the entire horrifying procedure again. He trails her wrapped body behind him and disappears into the woods where the ‘big daddy’ sequoia tree is waiting for dinner. (Wonder if woody gets a flat rate per person or is paid by the hour?)

So now we’re sure “woody” is acting as a fast food’ delivery vehicle for the huge, scary-looking other tree Nick came across a while earlier, and he’s feeding it with all the environmental offenders. Plus, subsequently, a map the team obtain that trace all the people who disappeared in the area draws a circular radius around this main, creepy tree.

The Grimm team then examine the tree further. Is that a face etched in the bark? Then they notice the bloodied roots of the tree and they start figuring out more of the puzzle, especially after a consultation with Rosalee, who says that the jubokko tree- which is probably that same tree they were looking at- feeds on human blood. Then to top it off, on closer examination they notice that the last three victims faces are all etched on the bark of said tree. They now, surmise what’s been going on. Like I mentioned before, “woody” kind of acts as the delivery boy and brings the human ‘fast food’ to the jubokko tree. Great system, jubokko gets fed and the forest is rid of major polluters! What’s in it for “woody” we may never know!

The team devise a plan to catch “woody” in the act when Rosalee remembers a goop they made up as children that gave her neighbour Wesen a bad rash, after he ate her friend’s chihuahua. This way they can pretend they are dumping toxins in the forest and catch “woody” at the same time. After noting that Ralph’s shotgun didn’t stop “woody” in the slightest, the Grimm boys grab their fave weapon from the Grimm bag of Wesen artillery and head off to the forest.

Final Scenes

So here we are with Nick, Wu and Hank dumping that relatively harmless goop on the forest bed, but nothing happens. So they ask Rosalee if she wouldn’t mind delivering some temporarily harmless turpentine to the site so they can dump it and flush “woody” out. (Never mind that it’s dark, she’s alone and pregnant with triplets- they need to get their man or tree or whatever!) So, poor Rosalee drives out to meet them and oh yeah, we knew it- she hits a rock and her car gets stuck but also starts leaking a long trail of oil. Oh! oh!

Luckily Rosalee has her trusty cell phone with her because she immediately phones Monroe and tells him she’s stuck and when she sees “woody” coming- as we knew he would- or was that “wood”- she screams and tries to run!

However, the Grimm team are on the trail quickly and find her near the jubokko tree, but unfortunately “woody” does too. When they all surround Rosalee and try to help her ‘cause those vines are doing their job, woody starts shooting his wrapping vines around all of them! The group start hacking at them with their Grimm weapons. Since “woody” and his buddy, the jubokko tree are not Wesen, it looks like they are not at all impressed that Nick is a Grimm. What does work, however is when Nick plants his Grimm axe in woody’s chest! He bleeds a green goo and dies. Whoa! That was easier than we thought it would be!

Then, the jubokko tree, who never misses a trick when a meal is delivered, opens his trunk and pulls “woody’ inside for its midnight snack. Next thing you know “woody’s” face is among the others- etched on the tree bark.

The group then hightails it out of there piling into the car to leave, deciding that no- you can’t arrest a tree. True, we can’t argue with that one.

Back home at the spice shop the group have a new entry to write in the Grimm diaries about the symbiotic relationship between “woody” and the jubokko tree. The thought unnerves them a bit when they begin to wonder if the jubokko tree just brought “woody” into its trunk to protect it and old “woody” could still be alive.

That night Wu brings a machete to bed with him just in case, and Rosalee and Monroe notice that the pine wood ceiling above their bed has knots that make it look a little like a face. They decide unanimously that they’re going to have to paint the ceiling!

As we cruise into the last four episodes, we have to question, with the little time left, that the calendar mystery and Diana Renard’s connection to it will have to play a dominant role.

This week’s burning questions:

1) What about Trubel? Will we see her again before the season is over. Methinks she will show up soon.
2) Renard told his Russian friend via Skype that his daughter was a Hexenbiest and more powerful than both he and
Adalind combined. Will her awesome power be unleashed to fight or perhaps even help whatever is supposed to be on its way?
3) Will Eve go to the dead world somehow to see why the ‘mirror-man-demon’ is after her and if there’s a connection to the symbols?

Missed last week’s episode? Read about it here.

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