Monday March 6, 2017 5 Top Stories to Start Your Day

Monday March 5th 2017, 5 Top Stories to Start Your Day

It was a busy weekend for the President of the United States, Donald Trump. Once again, taking to his favorite communication device, he tweeted repeatedly that President Obama had then candidate Trump’s phones to be wiretapped Saturday morning. The President did not offer any proof but is sure that this illegal activity took place. President Obama denies any such thing took place. While the President was stewing at this Florida country club, the rest of the world continued.

1. After Trump’s tweet insinuating that President Obama had Trump’s wiretapped, FBI Director James Comey, has asked the Justice Department to asked the US Justice Department to release a statement refuting the charges by President Trump. James R. Clapper Jr, former Director of National Intelligence, stated that, “There was no such wiretap activity mounted against the president-elect at the time as a candidate or against his campaign.” Once again, the only proof that the President Trump has offered to substantiate his claims is a news article on and a radio show hosted by Mark Levin.

2. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced that North Korea fired four ballistic missiles, three of which landed in Japan’s Exclusive Economic Zone. The missiles were shot as South Korea and the United States are holding their joint military exercises. The military exercises between the United States and South Korea are held yearly and both countries agree that both the exercises are defensive in nature. North Korean state media reported that Kim Jong Un personally oversaw the operation.

3. Uber Ride Sharing Company is being accused of employing a program that used data from its ride-hailing app and other tools to evade government officials seeking to identify and block the service’s drivers. The program called Greyball, was cited by sources familiar with Uber, was designed to prevent people from using the Uber app in violation of the terms of service, including law-enforcement sting operations and competitors attempting to disrupt Uber’s operations. This news comes after other problems the company is facing such as claims of sexual harassment, an online call for a boycott of Uber and video of chief executive Travis Kalanick arguing with an Uber driver that led the CEO to issue a public apology and pledge to “grow up.”

4. Saturday, Senator Bernie Sanders and former Ohio State Senator Nina Turner, a Democrat, led hundreds of workers in a “March on Mississippi” in Canton, Miss., to demand that Nissan grant factory employees the right to hold a union vote free from fear or intimidation. The march followed the delivery of a letter from the workers to Nissan, “demanding the company halt its ongoing harassment of African-American workers who are organizing to form a union,” and calling for better work conditions. Senator Sanders wrote in a Medium article published after the march that, “If Mississippi Nissan workers succeed, it will send a powerful message in the south and across this country that working people are prepared to fight for justice and for a fair share of the economic pie.”

5. The Naval Criminal Investigative Service is investigating reports that some Marines shared naked photographs of female Marines, veterans and other women on a secret Facebook page, some of which were taken without their knowledge. The Facebook group, Marines United, was used to share the photos which showed female military members and some unidentifiable women in various stages of being undressed and the group also included obscene comments about some of the women. Rep. Mac Thornberry, R-Texas, the chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, said such revelations are troubling and that he expects a full investigation by the Marine Corps.
“Degrading behavior of this kind is entirely unacceptable. They and the nation deserve better,” Thornberry said.

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