‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: Season 7, Episode 12 ‘Say Yes’

Incredible as it may seem after the dark and turbulent first half of Season 7 of “The Walking Dead,” Episode 12, “Say Yes,” is actually lighthearted at times with Rick and Michonne out together seeking supplies, especially guns, to give to the Scavengers. Note: Spoilers Ahead

All is not fun and games, though, as Rosita continues to be angry and frustrated with the Alexandrians’ inability to find weapons up to this point and Tara faces an internal struggle about her allegiances to Alexandria and her friends there versus Oceanside and the woman who saved her life there.

The scenes in “Say Yes” are shown back-and-forth between the escapades of Rick and Michonne as they grow closer together while working as partners to further the plan to take out Negan and the Saviors and various other Alexandrians as they await the return of the couple.

Rick and Michonne on Supply Run

Out and about in the group’s van, looking for whatever supplies they can gather, but particularly looking for guns they can take back to the Scavengers so that group will join them in the effort to overtake Negan, the two come upon a couple of guys golfing. After taking those guys’ supplies from the back of the truck parked nearby, Michonne says that the two of them should be getting back to Alexandria, while Rick responds that they have more time and can take a few more days before returning.

Tara and Rosita in Alexandria

Tara visits Rosita, who is sitting on the front porch taking the stitches out of her face from the knife wound she received from a woman Savior after Rosita shot at Negan in an earlier episode, but hit “Lucille” instead.

As Tara tries to encourage Rosita, saying the Alexandrians will find the guns they need, Rosita retorts angrily that she wants to know when and how that will happen – when will they be able to find the number of guns they need to mount an attack against Negan?

Rick and Michonne on Supply Run

As the two try to track a deer they have spotted, they come upon a fenced-in compound that was once a carnival or amusement park. They find lots of shell cartridges, indicating there may be a cache of guns nearby.

Rosita on Gun Run

In her quest to find more guns, Rosita goes off on her own. She sees what looks to be a pistol inside a house, but when she tries to go in to retrieve it, she is greeted by a walker. Rosita disposes of the walker in quick fashion, retrieving the pistol, only to find it is a toy rather than a real weapon.

Rick and Michonne on Supply Run

As the pair surveys the amusement park from atop the roof of a building, they notice a large group of walkers who have weapons on them. Michonne begins shooting at the walkers when suddenly the roof she and Rick are standing on collapses. The next sound is the two of them laughing.

The couple has fallen on a pile of something soft and as they look around they find they are in a warehouse that is full of supplies, including MREs, water and more.

Rosita Confronts Father Gabriel

Rosita returns from her failed gun run and visits the church to confront Father Gabriel. She blames him for his earlier counsel to her to be patient and wait for her time to take down Negan. Rosita tells Gabriel it is his fault that she didn’t kill Negan and that Eugene is now with the Saviors when Negan learned Eugene could make ammunition.

Father Gabriel discounts her vitriol and tells Rosita she can blame him that she is yet alive if she wants, but asks her what she is going to do with her life from this point forward.

Rick and Michonne on Supply Run

Almost like two teenagers who have run away from home, Rick and Michonne enjoy a feast of MREs sitting among lit candles.

Michonne wonders aloud who will run things after the group kills Negan and says that Rick should become the leader. Rick seems unsure about being that leader but tells Michonne that whatever happens, he wants it to be together with Michonne.

Tara and Judith in Alexandria

Tara is looking after Judith and begins talking aloud to the little girl, sharing Tara’s internal struggle with being true to her friends at Alexandria and to the woman who saved her life at Oceanside. Tara fears lives will be lost on both sides if the Alexandrians try to take over Oceanside and finally says, “Our lives aren’t more important than theirs.”

Rick and Michonne on Supply Run

Rick and Michonne leave the warehouse to go out among the walkers to take the weapons the walking dead have on them. The two are clearly in their element as they devise a plan to divide and conquer the groups of walkers.

Michonne has dispatched her group of walkers and yells to Rick to see how he is doing. Rick had fallen to the ground and momentarily lost his pistol. As he retrieves it, the group of walkers closes in on him.

Michonne walks over to where Rick and the walkers are, only to find a large group of walkers surrounding something on the ground that they are tearing apart and eating. Michonne goes into shock, thinking it is Rick the walkers have killed and are eating. For several moments, we watch Michonne’s reactions, from terror to tears, and realize how deeply she cares for Rick. She drops her sword to the ground, oblivious to her own safety.

Suddenly Rick emerges from a box in which he had hidden and Michonne is happily startled. The couple dispatches the remaining walkers.

The two have loaded up the van with the supplies they’ve found and are driving to the Scavengers to deliver the guns. Rick again says he’d like to have stayed out a couple more days, just he and Michonne.

Rick reveals that he’s had trouble sleeping, thinking of the friend’s lost to Negan and the Saviors. He grows more serious and tells Michonne that when they take on Negan, their group may lose a few people or maybe a lot of people – maybe even each other – but as Michonne has convinced him, the fight is living life rather than just being prisoners, and making a future for Judith and Glenn and Maggie’s baby.

Michonne tells Rick she couldn’t live without him. Rick gives her assurances that she can, and if he should die he would count on Michonne to take his place. Rick says he understands how Michonne feels because he doesn’t want to lose her, either, but that the collective efforts of the Alexandrians and their allies are what is truly important.

Rick Delivers Guns to the Scavengers

Rick and Michonne deliver the guns they have found to Jadis. Rick tells her he has fulfilled his part of the agreement and now it’s time for the Jadis and the Scavengers to keep their part of the deal and join in the fight against the Saviors. Jadis, though, says there aren’t enough guns to both arm her group and fight against the Saviors; she demands more guns before joining in the uprising.

Rick resists initially, but finally agrees, but says he and his group will need to take 10 of the guns they’ve just brought to Jadis to be able to go out and find more guns. Jadis tries to bargain with Rick, offering him fewer than 10 guns. Rick doesn’t budge and finally says quietly to Jadis, “Just say yes.” Jadis does give in.

Has Tara Had a Change of Heart?

On Rick’s return to Alexandria, he finds Tara on his porch. After asking Tara if she knows where Rosita is because she didn’t show up for her guard post duty, he asks Tara why she has come to visit him. Tara says she doesn’t know where Rosita is, but that she has something to tell Rick.

Rosita Visits the Hilltop

Rosita seems to have made a firm plan as to what she wants to do with her life as she approaches Sasha, asking Sasha to join her for the two women to kill Negan. Sasha agrees, but only if she can be the one to take the shot at Negan. The two women talk and agree that their mission to the Sanctuary is a one-way trip for both of them, but it’s a sacrifice they’re willing to make to kill Negan.

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