On This Day in History: March 7

Today in history, three IRA bombers were shot and killed in Gibraltar. Here are some of the events that happened on March 7 throughout history.

1777: Letters Between John and Abigail Adams

John AdamsNormally, letters between husband and wife would attract little attention, but this was different. Five letters passed between the Adams family, three from John and two from Abigail. They sent 1,160 letters between each other while she attending to their Braintree, Massachusetts farm and he was in Congress in Philadelphia. They showed that despite not being able to vote, Abigail loved her husband had was on a level of intellect that matched her husband. They also showed the mutual adoration, love and respect between husband and wife.

1876: Patenting of the Telephone

On this day in history, Alexander Graham Bell receives the patent for his telephone. The Scottish-born inventor had become deeply interested in communication since Morse’s telegraph development. Noting some limitations, he decided to take things one step further with the help of his assistant Thomas A. Watson. Three days after filing for the patent, he was able to send the first message through the telephone to Watson, simply telling the man that he needed him in his study. Two hours after the patenting, another was filed by Elisha Grey and Thomas A. Edison. Bell would later sue and win against Grey and Edison’s similar invention.

1988: SAS Suspected in IRA Shooting in Gibraltar

Three people were shot by security forces in Gibraltar on this day in history. The SAS was suspected, and it has since been revealed by a former member of the SAS that this was the case. Violent Delights by Scott Graham details his involvement in the shooting. Known IRA activists Daniel McCann and Sean Savage and senior member Mairead Farrell were named as the three killed, suspected of planting a 500lb car bomb close to the residence of the British Governor. No weapons were found at the scene. An inquest into the shooting followed, and the SAS was told it had acted lawfully.Abigail Adams

2002: Andrea Yates’ Defense Rests

The Andrea Yates trial had hit the hearts of parents across the world. Yates had previously confessed to drowning her five children, and said that she had heard voices telling her that she was saving their souls by doing this. Her defense lawyers claimed insanity, but the Texan prosecution said that she understood right from wrong. Today in history, the defense rested and the jury found her guilty and not insane. She was sentences to life in prison. After it was revealed that Dr. Park Dietz, a forensic psychiatrist for the prosecution, and influenced the jury, her sentence was reversed and she was tried again. This time a jury found her not guilty by reason of insanity and she has been in a Texan mental facility since.

Famous Birthdays on March 7

Roman noblewoman Lucilla–148

Japanese painter Kano Tanju–1602

Pope Clement XIII–1693

Declaration of Independence signer Stephen Hopkins—1707

“De Stijl” leader Piet Mondrian—1872

Bolero composer Maurice Ravel—1875

Norwegian poet Rolf Jacobsen—1907

Drop Dead Fred actor RIk Mayall—1958

Fifty Shades of Grey author EL James—1963

YouTube star Supa Peach—2003


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Featured image from Deposit Photos

Image of John Adams in the public domain: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Adams#/media/File:Official_Presidential_portrait_of_John_Adams_(by_John_Trumbull,_circa_1792).jpg

Image of Abigail Adams in the public domain: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Adams#/media/File:Abigail_Adams.jpg

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