Living Puppets Come to ‘Face Off’

Last week on “Face Off” the judges gave the artists in the bottom three one more chance to save themselves from elimination. As the show went off the air, the bottom three had a second hour of last looks to make improvements to their makeups.

Face Off

The judges take one more closer looks at what changes the teams have made. There were some big improvements but there were also come missteps. After the closer looks Glenn named Rachael and Gage as the team going home this week. Gage said hat he wasn’t leaving until he got a hut from McKenzie.

There are five remaining teams for this week’s immunity challenge.

When the artists walk into the lab, they find it filled with hammers, clamps, and other tools. Citing the children’s tale”Pinocchio”, McKenzie tells the artists that this week’s challenge is to take the tools from one of the trades and create a marionette. For this challenge the artists have only two days to complete it.

Logan and Adam chose the stone mason
Ben and Evan chose the goldsmith
Emily and Tyler chose the tailor
Cig and George chose the tanner
Melissa and Keaghlan chose the blacksmith

Ben and Evan are feeling uninspired and cannot come up with a concept. They finally decide to do a ballerina – Emily and Tyler are also creating a ballerina. The guys decide to go minimal this week.

Michael Westmore visits the lab to offer his advice to the teams. He has some painting suggestions for the teams this week.

This week Melissa and Keaghlan decide to create a full body armour and add a number of blacksmith oriented details in their fabrications.

It’s application day. Cig and George discover that they have a rip in theirface piece that will have to be repaired. Ben and Evan are having blending issues. Melissa and Keaghaln are having some artistic differences on how to paint “metal”.

In last looks Cig and George decide to scrap a lot of the things that they have originally planned for their character. The guys say that the character looks nothing like their original concept.

This week head judge Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill and Neville Page are joined by guest judge award winning producer Suzanne Todd.

After the reveal and closer looks the judges spoke with all of the teams.

Glenn said that Melissa and Keaghlan made a very intelligent approach to their character; adding that they covered a massive amount of ground but there is still something missing. The judges said that there were some great details and the character was well executed.

Glenn said that there was no extent of goofy storytelling that would not make Logan and Adam’s character any better. Glenn said that the character was problematic; adding that the character didn’t come across in an intelligent way. Ve noted that the character didn’t say anything stone.

While telling their concept, George and Cig revealed that they had taken out some of their original ideas out. Ve said that she was so glad that the guys didn’t goof it up; adding that the character is awesome and phenomenal. Neville noted that there was a lot of good stuff in there; adding that he was impressed by the details and it was the most genuine. Suzanne loved the details; adding that the work was well done. The judges noted that there was an extraordinary level of detail and it was very accurate.

Neville noted that Ben and Evan needed to know some goldsmithing techniques; adding that it felt like a missed opportunity. Glenn said that the neck was a huge mistake and disruptive to the design.

Suzanne loved Emily and Tyler’s marionette; adding that she wanted to watch the movie. Glenn said that the details overwhelmed him; adding that the charcter was perfectly balanced. Ve called the character exquisite and camera ready. The judges called the character gorgeous with a sublime palette and had narrative head to toe.

Glenn named Emily and Tyler as the winning team. It is the third win for the team. Emily and Tyler have immunity from elimination next week. Glenn told Emily and Tyler that everyone else had better look out for them.

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