Night Four of Blind Auditions on ‘The Voice’

It’s night four of the blind auditions on “The Voice”. Alicia, Gwen, Blake, and Adam are about a third of the way through filling their teams as each coach is looking for that one special artist to add to their teams.

The Voice

First on the stage was Veternary student Micah Tryba with “I’m Every Woman”.  Blake pushed his button early and was followed by Gwen.  While she didn’t push her vutton, Alicia was singing along with the song.   Adam said that Micah has a poweful voice.  Alicia said that Micah has a beautiful voice and she totally respects the work.  Saying that she has an incredible voice, Blake was blown away by Micah’s performance and thinks that she could end up in the winner’s circle.  Gwen said that Micah’s control is so tender.  Saying that she is going out on a limb, Micah chose Blake to be her coach.

Formerly in the band In Like Lions, Troy Ramey chose one of hid Dad’s favourite somgs – Cat Stevens “Wild Word” – for his audition.  Blake needed only a couple of measures before he pushed his vutton.  Adam, Fwen, and Alicia followed to make it a foir chair turn.  Adam said that Troy showed them thT he is a major contender.  Gwen was moved by the performance and noted that Troy sang like it was his own song.  Calling Troy super cool, Alicia said that there were lifetimes in Troy’s coice.  After meeting Trou’s mom, Blake said that Troy was incredibably talented and has a special voice.   Troy chose Gwen to ve his coach.

Mom of four Erica Corban sang “Wade in the Water” for her audition but failed to turn any chairs.  Adam noted that there were some awesome vocal decisions but there were also some contriol issues.

Jack Cassidy has a very famous grandmother – none other than Shirley Jones of “The Partridge Family”. Hoping to follow in the footsteps of his famous family members, Jack chose to perform “One of Us” while playing the piano with no other instrumentalist accompanying him. For his efforts he got Adam and Alicia to turn their chairs. Saying that he loved that Jack played the piano, Adam noted that he could hear Jack’s passion and commitment in every note he sang. Gwen noted that she could tell that Jack had some unique influences. Alicia said that there was nothing like playing the piano and singing; adding that she totally felt the song. Jack said that he loved Adam but he had to go with Alicia for his coach.

Singing since he was five, Kawan DeBose has opened for Mary J Blige and Ludacris. He chose “Let’s Get it On” for his audition and got Adam to turn his chair early, followed by Blake and Gwen. Gwen called Kawan gifted and amazing; adding that it would really be fun to work with him; saying that she would love for them to learn from each other. Saying that he was speechless, Adam noted that the only man who do sing falsetto like Kawan did was Prince; adding that Kawan was one in a billion. Adam said that if Kawan chose him, then he would be the number one priority on team Adam. Agreeing with Adam, Alicia called Kawan outrageous. Blake said that Kawan lit the place up and it was so much fun to watch. Kawan chose Adam to be his coach.

Country music singer Taylor Alexander chose an unusual song for his audition – “Believe” by Cher. Calling it the single craziest thing he had ever heard, Adam was the only coach to turn his chair for Taylor. Adam called Taylor really good, weird, and wonderful. Noting that she loved to flip songs, Alicia called the performance really cool. Blake noted that the lane was wide open for Taylor on Adam’s team; adding that it was the best thing for him.

Gaby Borromeo has been singing most of her life and has worked with John Legend. She chose “Happy” for her audition. Blake and Adam turned their chairs together. After the performance Adam ran up on sage and gave Gaby a hug. Saying that he was surprised there wasn’t a four chair turn, Adam said that Gaby blew his mind and she could win the show with no problem. Gwen noted that Gaby had personality and a gorgeous voice. Calling it an incredible performance, Blake said that Gaby started out good and got better. After thanking the coaches for letting her perform, Gaby chose Adam to be her coach.

Fourteen year old Griffin Tucker is a multi instrumentalist but chose the guitar to perform “Heartbreak Hotel” for his audition but failed to turn any chairs. Adam told Griffin to come back and Blake said that he hoped Griffin would come back.

Missy Robertson chose “Scars to Your Beautiful” for her audition and had to wait until the last note in her song before Blake and Allicia turned their chairs. Alicia said that Missy’s voice was so beautiful. Blake noted that he doesn’t have anybody like Missy on his team and urged her to think outside the box. Missy noted that she loved them both but chose Alicia to be her coach.

Aaliyah Rose chose the Andra Day song “Rise Up” for her audition and impressed only Gwen enough to turn her chair. Gwen was so happy to hear that Aaliyah was only 14. Gwen said that Aaliyah was so talented and gifted. Alicia noted that she had a beautiful voice.

The final audition of the night came from 17 year old Josh West who chose the Duran Duran song “Ordinary World”. Adam was the first coach to turn his chair; followed by Gwen, Alicia, and Blake together for a four chair turn. After the performance the coaches were on their feet. Josh has long hair and Adam noted that Josh has the hair he always wanted. Adam said that the coolest thing about Josh’s voice is that it filed the room. Adam said that Josh was like talking to a young him. Alicia called it an awe inspiring performance. Blake noted that he is a fan of rock; adding that it isn’t about what he does. Gwen noted that it was the kind of thing she would listen to outside of the show; adding that she could offer Josh advice about how to perform and stage presence. Josh chose Adam to be his coach.

The Teams:
Gwen Stefani:
Stephanie Rice
Savannah Leighton
Brandon Royal
Aaliyah Rose
Troy Ramey

Blake Shelton:
Lauren Duski
Brennley Brown
Aliyah Mouldin
Ashely Levin
Casi Joy
Micah Tryba

Adam Levine:
Johnny Hayes
Mark Isaiah
Jesse Larson
Julien Martinez
Kawan DeBose
Taylor Alexander
Gaby Borromeo
Josh West

Alicia Keys:
Anatalia Villaranda
Felicia Temple
Autumn Turner
Lily Passero
Quizz Sanigan
Jack Cassidy
Missy Robertson

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