On This Day in History: March 8

In history on March 8, Great Britain saw a new monarch on the throne. Here are some events and birthdays that happened today in history.

1702: The Death of William III of England and Scotland

Britain saw a new monarch take to the throne after the death of William III. Queen Anne, sister-in-law to William, Queen Annebecame the new queen, becoming the second queen to rule England in her own right. William and Anne’s sister Mary had been joint rulers until Mary’s death, after forcing James II (Mary and Anne’s father) to abdicate his throne. While Anne’s ancestor James I had been the first ruling monarch of both Scotland and England, Anne would be the one to officially join the two countries and become the first monarch of Great Britain.

1917: Russian’s February Revolution Begins

Due to the Julian calendar, the February Revolution started on this day in history. It was when riots and strikes took place due to a lack of food in St. Petersburg, called Petrograd at the time. The Russians had lost faith in the monarchy, and Nicolas II officially stepped down days later. Shortly after, the execution of the Romanov family would take place to ensure the tsar rule over Russia would completely come to an end.

1982: Soviets Use Poison Gas, According to the United States

The Cold War continued on during this time in history, and it was today in history that the Americans publically accused the Soviets of using chemical weapons and poison gas on Afghanistan rebel forces. Diplomatic tensions between the two countries was currently at an all time high, with the reports of poison gas being used intensifying them. According to reports, 3,000 Afghans were killed with chemical weapons. Some believed the Americans accused the Russians so they could move forward with their own use of chemical weapons.

2014: Mystery Disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight

On this day in 2014, people were alerted to the devastating news that their family members onboard Malaysia Beatrice of CastielAirlines Flight 370 were missing. The whole flight had mysteriously disappeared, after air traffic control lost contact with it an hour into its flight. The Boeing 777 has never materialized and investigators don’t even understand how it could have gone missing. There were rumors of a terrorist attack, but no group has come forward and there have never been messages from any of the 227 passengers or 12 crew members on the flight. The search for the flight has since been called off.

Famous Birthdays on March 8:

Duke John III of Brittany–1286

Beatrice of Castile, Queen of Portugal–1293

Irish pirate Anne Bonny–1702

Manufacturer of the telescope Alvan Clark—1804

Washing machine inventor Josephine Cochrane—1839

The Wind in the Willows author Kenneth Grahame—1859

Guitarist Mississippi John Hurt—1892

Actress Louise Beavers—1902

Dancer and actress Cyd Charisse—1923

I Know What You Did Last Summer actor Freddie Prinze Jr.—1976

British soap actress Stephanie Davis—1993


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Featured image from Deposit Photos

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Beatrice of Castile: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beatrice_of_Castile_(1293%E2%80%931359)#/media/File:D._Beatriz_de_Castela,_Rainha_de_Portugal_-_The_Portuguese_Genealogy_(Genealogia_dos_Reis_de_Portugal).png

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