Grey’s Anatomy Season 13, Episode 15: Top Moments from ‘Civil War’

It was civil war in Grey’s Anatomy Season 13, Episode 15. Well, as Meredith says later in the episode, there’s nothing civil about war and that is clear in this week’s episode.

While fans have focused on hating Minnick, it was easy to forget about the love story building between Meredith and Riggs. With Meredith back, it’s chance to focus on it again and even Alex notices that there’s something going on. At first he thinks she should go for it if she wants, but he isn’t impressed when he acts against him on a case. Meanwhile, Alex and De Luca have to work together for the first time since the trial and the Averys go head to head in a battle for power.

Here are the top moments from “Civil War.” As usual, there are spoilers from this point. You can catch up with previous Grey’s Anatomy episodes here.

#1. Jackson Isn’t Happy with Everyone Giving Up

At some point the war against Minnick had to come to an end. It turns out that some of the attendings don’t exactly hate her method. Jackson is still firmly on the side of Team Webber, but others are starting to give in. Meredith returning to work has certainly weakened their position – something both Jackson and Riggs notice.

Sure, Meredith returned because Webber asked her to. That doesn’t mean she should have. If she really thought that Bailey was in the wrong, she’d have stayed away from the hospital for longer.

It does push Jackson into doing something that he has held back from this whole time: making his voice heard. He decides to tell his mother that he will be the sole voice for the Avery Foundation on the board. After all, she did force him into this position.

Jackson even gets angry at Webber for allowing Ben to take over in a surgery, believing that it’s Minnick’s method. I think he’s forgotten that this has always been the way that Webber has taught. Maybe everyone has forgotten that Webber has let students start doing the surgeries when he’s believed they’re ready and has always been there to help if things go wrong.

Really, Minnick is doing Webber’s way but she’s starting earlier that Webber would have. Or is it that the writers have gotten a little lax recently with the residents doing their own surgeries. Aren’t Stephanie, Jo, and Ben fifth year residents now? Won’t they have boards coming up? Meredith, Cristina, and Alex were all doing surgeries on their own at this point with attendings just watching and guiding.

#2. April Isn’t Happy with the Demotion

Meanwhile, April has to hand everything back to Meredith, after renting – more like stealing – the car. It looks like Meredith isn’t exactly happy that April was the one to take her place as Interim Chief of General, and makes that known with sly digs like the “stealing the car” comment.

April admits to Catherine Avery that she doesn’t like the feeling of being demoted. Someone needs to tell her that Interim is the same as Acting Chief. She was never officially promoted really in the first place and it was just a temporary position.

Catherine decides to focus on how April showed leadership. Now she wants to see what April can do in one of the trauma centers linked to the Avery Foundation.

This is a conversation that they have while working on a case with both Webber and Jackson. Poor Jackson doesn’t take it well, when he finds out his mother is grooming someone else. He decides to bring up Catherine’s poor management skills with the way that Minnick was brought on board in the hospital, instead.

There’s a total burn moment when Catherine tells Jackson that he isn’t an Avery in the way that it counts. He has always been his own man and he wants to make his way in the world. Sure, he’s an excellent surgeon, but he has no interest in the Avery Foundation. This is clearly some foreshadowing for Avery’s dad showing up at some point in the near future and I can’t wait to see Catherine and Mr. Avery to go head to head.

#3. Riggs and Alex Argue Over a Baby

When a baby is born, it turns out that he has a heart murmur. Alex has no choice but to page cardio and it’s Riggs that shows up. There is hope that the two can work together, until they both have different opinions on the treatment. Alex wants surgery and Riggs wants to put the baby on the transplant list.

I will point out that DeLuca is on Alex’s service – maybe that was some poor planning by Bailey yet again. Those two are not ready to work together! They say they are, but it’s clear that the trial is playing on both of their minds.

When the parents can’t make a decision on the treatment – and it doesn’t help that they have two doctors arguing between themselves – Alex decides that he’ll get things ready for the surgery option. Riggs tells DeLuca to put the baby on the transplant list. They may not have the parents’ consent yet, but he doesn’t want that child missing out.

It’s arguably the right call. It takes less than 12 hours or so for DeLuca to get a call that there’s a heart available. Alex isn’t happy about how it happened, but I don’t think the parents would be complaining. I certainly wouldn’t and would thank a doctor for making a call to do the transplant list while I tried to decide which form of treatment would be best for my baby.

Alex isn’t happy though and makes it clear to Meredith that Riggs is a snake. As for Riggs, he just wants Meredith to decide – and he’s giving her time to do that (for now). It looks like Maggie has forgotten all about her interest in Riggs, since it hasn’t come up for a while, so maybe Meredith has the go ahead.

#4. It’s Almost Like Arizona Is Cheating

Arizona is trying to play both sides. She wants to be with Minnick but she wants to be loyal to Webber at the same time. Has she not learned that cheating doesn’t stay quiet in the hospital.

Maybe it doesn’t help that I’ve never really liked Arizona. She’s an excellent surgeon but she makes some horrible choices in her life. She hurts the people she loves because she’s selfish. Case in point is tonight.

After offering Webber her guest room, she then agrees to a date with Minnick. Rather than admit to anyone that she and Minnick are dating, she omits a bit of information from Webber. Of course, he’s cool with her dating and decides to stay in the on call room again (where he’s been staying since he and Catherine had the first argument).

As we all expected, Arizona and Minnick’s relationship comes out. The two fall asleep in the attendings’ lounge until the next morning. Webber walks in just as they are kissing. The look on Webber’s face says it all.

Seriously, Arizona needs to do something to make up for this. I think a lot of people are going to turn against her now, and I don’t blame them. This is just as bad as April’s traitorous decisions, who is now just thinking about her career than anything else.

I have to wonder how all this is going to play out. I thought Jackson was finally going to do something, but he’s let his mother talk him down once again – with words of how proud she is of him finding his own way in life. April is becoming more annoying than ever and Webber seems to be losing the fight. Oh, and poor Ben getting caught in yet more bickering – good for him trying to stay out of it as much as possible.

There was a moment between Owen and Amelia, but honestly that wasn’t that major. I’m sure there will be more of them in the weeks to come, as they finally have the talk about the different things that they want.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 returns next Thursday at 8pm on ABC.

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