On This Day in History: March 11

On this day in British history, Queen Anne made her first speech in Parliament. Here are the events and famous birthdays on March 11 in history.

1702: Queen Anne Makes Her First Speech

Anne Stuart, Queen of Great BritainJust three days after becoming Queen of England and Scotland, Anne made her first speech to Parliament. She had ascended to the throne after the death of her Dutch brother-in-law, William, and was quick to distance herself from him. In her speech, she made it very clear that she was entirely English. This may have upset the Scottish people, who had not yet joined an official union with the English people; that would not take place until 1707.

1708: Queen Anne Withholds Royal Assent for Parliamentary Bill

For the last time in British history, Queen Anne withheld Royal Assent for the Scottish Militia Bill. She worried that those who supported the Jacobite cause would use the bill to their advantage and wanted to put Britain–and her own position on the throne–first. The decision wasn’t taken lightly, and she did take advice from her ministers first. While bills are created in Parliament, they will still go through the House of Lords and the monarch for ratifying. It is still possible for the monarch to withhold consent, but tradition states that it would never happen.

1861: The Adoption of the Confederate Constitution

On this day in history, the Permanent Constitution of the Confederate States of America was adopted by Texas, Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Georgia, Mississippi and South Carolina. It was ery much like the U.S. Constitution, but was very similar to the post-Revolutionary War’s Articles of Confederation by delegating extensive powers to states. It also protected slavery, and allowed six-year terms for all presidents and vice-presidents. Another difference was that presidents would not be allowed to stand for successive terms.

1884: The Death of Gunslinger Ben Thompson

Ben Thompson, a Texas gunslinger, had been ambushed into the San Antonio theater by his enemies. Despite hisrun-ins with the law, in 1880, he had become sheriff of Austin but he still involved himself in some of the shady gambling. That same year, he quarrelled over a debt with Bill Simms and Joe Foster. The two ambushed him four years later, and their hidden accomplices murdered him while he tried to make peace.

1997: Paul McCartney Knighted by Queen Elizabeth II

Paul McCartney was knighted on this day in history. Queen Elizabeth II thanked him for his “services to music” with the prestigious position, with fans waiting outside to congratulate him. His wife, Linda McCartney, was suffering Robert Treat Painfrom breast cancer at the time and was unable to join him, but three out of four of their children attended the centuries-old ceremony at Buckingham Palace. He made a comment about only three tickets for guests, so the children had to draw straws.


Famous Birthdays on March 11

Declaration of Independence signatory Robert Treat Paine—1731

French ballet dancer, Marius Petipa–1819

First motorist to travel at more than 300mph Sir Michael Campbell—1885

Frederick IX of Denmark—1899

British Prime Minister Harold Wilson–1916

British Airways CEO Henry Marking–1920

Civil rights leader Ralph David Abernathy—1926

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy writer Douglas Adams—1952

Doctor Who actress Alex Kingston—1963

Doctor Who and Arrow actor John Barrowman—1967

Good Charlotte Singer and Guitarist twins Joel and Benji Madden—1979

YouTube star Josh Sobo—1994


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Featured image from Deposit Photos

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Robert Treat Paine: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Treat_Paine#/media/File:Robert_Treat_Paine_portrait.jpg

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