Grimm Recap Episode 10 Season 6 “Blood Magic”

In episode 10 the monster-of-the-week is the Dr. Kevorkian of the Wesen community, plus, Eve takes that inevitable step into the “other world” all by herself! The Grimm team is called to the rescue.

Grimm Recap Episode 10 Season 6 “Blood Magic”

Episode 10 Season 6 “Blood Magic”

It’s true- Eve wants to wrap up this ‘mirror-monster’ thing and stop it from harassing her! But, when she speaks to Monroe and Rosalee about it, they’re not too sure if there’s a way for her to get into that other world on the other side of the mirrors. She really wants to get to this ‘demon’ thing before it gets to her, so she decides to go to her new best bud’s (Adalind) and see if she can help.

Meanwhile, we’ve got to get moving with the first murder of the show at the hand’s of the monster-of-the-week. The first victim is a young woman who is walking to her car after a happy-looking dinner out with her friend. We can’t see what hit her but it’s obviously something nasty as the scene ends up with her shooting through the air and landing on a car! Wonder if this will spark a new movie- ‘Girlz N the Hood’—sorry!

Anyway- we know that soon Nick and the boys, Hank and Wu, will soon be investigating this newest of Portland crimes. (Do you ever wonder if there’s more Wesens than regular humans in Portland?)

Wu investigates on his own a little and soon discovers there was a similar case not too long ago. A security tape shows an old man with a cane following the victim on not just one but two separate cases. He’s bothered by it and soon calls the rest of the Grimm team in to look!

Meanwhile we only get a quick peek at Captain Renard this week. All he does this episode is call Nick and let him know that he has seen the drawings his daughter made of the symbols in the tunnel and he wants to see them for real. He says his daughter, Diana, may be at risk and he has a right. And as a bribe, Renard tells Nick that he will tell him all he knows, if Nick does the same! This will probably pan out more next week, so just giving you a head’s up.

Back to Eve, who by the way, has lost her Eve-like robot demeanour and is showing much more emotion these days. She visits Adalind and asks to borrow some of Adalind’s mom’s Hexen-biest books. Adalind is reluctant but Eve convinces her with her personal theory, that only Diana and herself can see these symbols so perhaps it’s not just her who’s at risk but also Diana. Adalind changes her mind when she perceives Diana could be in danger and hands Eve the books.

But Adalind is still worried about Eve, (aaww!) and summons Nick to tell Eve not to try this on her own! When Nick shows up he tells Eve to be careful and that he’s worried about her. (Yeah? How worried, Nick hmmm?)

Now- back to the Wesen of the week. We witness an aide or orderly- Mason Wilcox- in a nursing home, helping an old lady who obviously has dementia down the hall. We can get there is a friendly rapport between them. But, once they are in her room she woges into a dog-like Wesen and starts to attack. A nurse comes into the room just as Mason is choking his attacker but by now the elderly woman has woged back into her 91-year old self. Oh, oh- things don’t look good for poor Mason.

And it only gets weirder. That night, as the old lady sleeps, she is visited by an insect-like Wesen that sits beside her and puts his insect-antennae into her nostrils. He then leaves and the old woman is found dead the next morning. Police are called in because now the nurse who witnessed Mason Wilcox choke her, thinks he killed her somehow. So, Nick, Hank and Wu bring him into custody for questioning, even though the doctor who works at the home has stated that the old lady likely died from natural causes.

Then, when the Grimm boys question Mason at the precinct, Mason tells them what he saw the night he was caught choking the old woman. He explains she turned into a dog-like creature with a furry face, yellow eyes and wicked teeth! I think these cop boys have heard accounts like this before- just a few times. Yep, just another Wesen case in Portland. But, things get complicated when the autopsy results come back and they are told the old woman had an unnaturally high level of the toxic saliva from an assassin bug. “Assassin bug?” Looks like the Grimm boys are going to have to call in the research team of Rosalee and Monroe!

At the spice shop we see Rosalie and Monroe dealing with one of their regular customers who is buying quite a bit of melatonin, which is a natural sleep aid. The woman appears troubled, and, when they inquire about her husband, she looks like she wants to tell them something but in the end, decides not too.

Back to Eve and the huge, scary-looking books she has borrowed. We find her perusing through them and getting frustrated. She has obviously been searching for a while and even has to woge into a Hexenbiest at one point to gain the strength to open one of them that has a knife through it! I’m sympathizing with her, too, because what do you look for in a case like this? Mirror magic? Mirror demons? Blood on mirrors? Still, Eve does find a chapter on ‘Blood Magic’ (hence, the name of this episode) that seems to be what she was looking for. She remembers how her blood covered the mirror after fighting the “arm” that shot through the mirror to choke her or drag her in. She decides to ask Adalind a few questions regarding her findings. She asks if Adalind knows if blood could be used as some form of coin or payment to buy your way into the mirror world? Adalind seems a tad worried but admits it could be possible. Adalind warns Eve that she’d better make sure it’s a two-way trip. Uh, huh, good advice, Adalind!

Next, Nick and the gang arrive to ask Monroe and Rosalee what they know about toxic saliva from an assassin bug that was found in a deceased elderly lady. The Grimm team also suspect an old man (their customer’s husband) as being another Wesen who is killing people here and there with his uncontrolled ‘woging’. The research team of Rosalee and Monroe immediately change their demeanour when this subject of dementia and woging is brought up. They become very reluctant to share. and make Nick, Wu and Hank promise not to ever mention what they are about to say. Okay, so now we’re really curious!

They finally go on to admit that there is a system in the Wesen community that deals with elderly Wesens who have dementia and are afflicted with uncontrollable ‘woges’ and this system is the assassin bug Wesen- otherwise called- the godfather of death! Apparently, the family calls him in and then he deals with the ‘situation’ with an induced euthanasia shot. Rosalie and Monroe confide that this problem of ‘uncontrollable woges’ connected to dementia is so bad that they both made promises to each other to call ‘doctor assassin bug’ themselves in case one of them is thus afflicted in later life! Wow! Rosalie further confides that every Wesen apothecary such as hers, has the godfather of death’s personal number- you know, just in case of a dementia emergency.

Also, Nick tells them about the old man they saw on the tape and now they suspect that her customer who was getting the melatonin was involved somehow. They urge Rosalie to call the number for ‘doctor death’ so they can interview him. It isn’t long before the ‘godfather of death’ himself arrives. And, guess what- he is none other than nice Doctor Landeaux from the nursing home! (I had an inkling about that!) Anywho, he comes in and when he is told about the situation concerning the Grimm police group and Mason Wilcox getting the blame for the elderly woman’s death, he admits he killed her because he is committed to protecting the Wesen community. They urge him to at least, try, to exonerate Mason somehow and we get the feeling he will.

But then, the doctor gets a call about the old man they were suspecting- from his wife. It turns out to be the spice shop customer- Mrs. Stanton, who has realized what she must do about her husband. He’s out of control and woging around town, killing innocent people. She is now forced to call Dr. Landeaux for the good old ‘insect farewell’.

When the Grimm team arrive at Mr. Stanton’s home he has already gone out on his Wesen prowl. But the police finally catch up with him and we watch as he alternates between being hostile and being, well, a man with dementia. When they get him home he doesn’t recognize his wife at first. The police match his cane to the one they see on the video and realize they have their attacker. Mrs. Stanton becomes saddened as she realizes what now must take place. Dr. Landeau commandeers Mr. Stanton to his favourite chair and makes him comfortable. What follows is a very sad little scene for a Grimm episode, where we watch the ‘godfather of death’ administer his lethal toxin to the old man as his wife tells him tearfully how much she is going to miss him. Now, that we’re all looking for tissues, the story switches to Eve again.

Seems like she’s not living up to her promises to not do anything on her own about the mirror demon. When she arrives at the spice shop, Monroe and Rosalee are not home so she just decides to go ahead. (Not a good idea, Eve!) She tears off the paper that is covering the mirror and cuts her hand and then smears that blood on the surface of the mirror. When nothing happens at first, Eve is about to walk away to check the books again. But then the inside of the mirror starts to swirl and she approaches it saying, “I know you’re in there,” and then the swirling parts and she steps right inside. Bye, bye Eve. She has departed this world for another. Now we have to wait a week to see just what is waiting for her on the other side.

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