On This Day in History: March 12

The Miners’ Strike started on March 12, 1984, becoming the worst strike in British history. Here is a highlight of events from today in history.

1888: Most Severe New York Storm Ever

Today in history, New York City was hit with its most severe winter storm ever, causing millions of dollars of damage Coca Colato property. Hundreds of people died in the 36-hour blizzard, which struck the whole of New England. New York City saw 40in of snow within the time and the city found itself isolated from the rest of the country. “Leather Man,” who had walked 364 miles every 34 days for 30 years was delayed by four days thanks to the storm.

1894: The First Coca-Cola Bottles Sold

Now a common drink found around the world, Coca-Cola only started selling drinks in bottles on this day in history. Joseph A. Biedenharn, a shop owner in Mississippi had become so impressed with the drink’s sales that he bottled it and sold it to his customers. Biedenharn also sent a case to company owner Asa Griggs Candler, who decided to take no action to bottle it himself. Eventually, he would agree.

1938: The Annexe of Austria

March 12, 1938 should have been a warning sign that something more dangerous was coming. German troops marched into Austria and annexed it. Austrian Nazis had been considering for some time to overthrow its government and join with Nazi Germany. Adolf Hitler decided to help and take action. The new Austrian government was appointed a day later, with the Anschluss made official. Austria remained as a German federal state until after the war, when Allied forces re-established its independence.

1984: The Miners’ Strike Began

Today in history, the Miners’ Strike in Britain officially began. Due to the closure of mines, more than 50 percent of the countries’ miners went on strike. Yorkshire and Kent were the first two sets of miners to refuse to work, and they were quickly followed by South Wales and Scottish workers. Six days earlier, Ian MacGregor, chairman of the Coal Anne HydeBoard, had announced 20,000 miners would be put out of work due to 20 pits becoming uneconomical and closured needed. The Miners’ Strike became the longest and most financially damaging strikes in British history.

Famous Birthdays on March 12

Charles of Valois–1270

Duke Edward of Guelders–1336

Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity theologian Richard Hooker—1554

Anne Hyde, Duchess of York, wife of James II of England and Scotland–1637

Frederica of Baden, Queen of Sweden–1781

Canadian Prime Minister John Abbott–1821

The New York Times publisher Adolph Simon Ochs—1858

Red Cross founder Jane Delano—1862

On the Road author Jack Kerouac—1922

Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf dramatist Edward Albee—1928

Mitt Romney—1947

McFly singer and guitarist Danny Jones—1986

YouTube star and singer Tyler Ward—1988

YouTube star and The Voice contestant Christina Grimmie—1994


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Featured image from Deposit Photos

Image of Coca-Cola bottles used with the Free Art License: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coca-Cola#/media/File:Flasche_Coca-Cola_0,2_Liter.jpg

Anne Hyde: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anne_Hyde#/media/File:Anne_Hyde_by_Sir_Peter_Lely.JPG

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