Teams Continue to Fill on ‘The Voice’

It’s the final week of the blind auditions on “The Voice”; Blake needs five singers to fill his team, Adam only needs three singers; while Gwen and Alicia need four singers each.

The Voice

Kenny P gets the night of auditions started with the Todd Rundgren hit “Hello, It’s Me”. Gwen is the first coach to push her button with Blake following near the end of the song. Blake noted that Kenny attacked his notes with power; adding that he didn’t even need the microphone. Gwen noted that there was something theatrical about Kenny. Kenny chose Gwen to be her coach. Gwen has hats for her team and she has hats for her fellow coaches.

Enid Driti chose an Adele song for her audition but had to wait until the end of the song before Blake pushed his button. Just before Blake pushed his button, Gwen said that she deserved to be on.

RJ Collins grew up in a musical family and chose the Justin Bieber song “Purpose” for his audition. It took Adam only four notes to push his button. Alicia took a little longer to turn her chair for an A and A battle. Adam noted that some voice are very special; adding that RJ can win “The Voice”. Gwen loved his spirit and attitude. Alicia noted that she has been waiting to feel something; adding that RJ’s soul comes through when he sings and there is no limit to him. Saying that he loves Adam, RJ chose Alicia to be her coach.

Austin Tyler Jones has been playing music since he was three years old. Austin chose “Allison” by Elvis Costello for his audition but failed to turn any chairs. Blake said he was a really good singer but the performance was too laid back. Adam just being super picky since team is almost filled up.

Tsoul – Terry – says that Soul has been a part of his life. He has performed all over the world as a part of a Gospel Choir. He chose “Take Me to the River” for his audition song. Adam was the first coach to turn his chair with Blake right behind him. Gwen said that he was so cool looking. Adam called him a special man with a unique voice. Blake said that he even loved Tsoul’s speaking voice; adding that Tsoul’s voice had all the herbs and spices. Alicia noted that there would be such a synergy between Tsoul and Adam. Tsoul chose Blake to be his coach.

In a video clip Blake added former Carrie Underwood backup singer Andrea Thomas to his team and Gwen added Davina Leone to her team.

Fifteen year old Hannah Eyrie has been playing piano since she was five and teaching since she was 12. She chose the Taylor Swift song “Blank Space” for her audition. Adam was the first to turn his chair. A lit later Blake and Gwen joined Adam. Calling her cute, Adam noted that Hannah was her best at the end of the song; adding that he was blown away by what she does. Adam said that Hannah reminds him of “The Voice” winner Danielle Bradberry. Noting that she wanted a girl who was sparkly and young, Gwen said that she could share her experiences with Hannah. Alicia said that Hannah has a beautiful voice. Blake said that Hannah has an approach unlike anyone else he has ever heard; adding that she has so much range and power. Blake noted that Hannah lights up the room with her smile and she is the kind of artist that gets him excited about his job. Hannah chose Adam to be her coach.

Casey Jammerson appeared in the Broadway show “Bring it On” but her performance of Pat Benatar’s “Shadows in the Night” was full on throughout and failed to turn any chairs. Adam noted that Casey had amazing power in her voice and Gwen was sorry that she failed to turn her chair. The coaches invted Casey to come back. Alicia advised Casey to work on her arrangement to pull back and show off who she was.

Newly wed Hunter Plake is giving his first performance outside of a church with “Carry On” by fun. It wasn’t long before Gwen pushed her button. Alicia joined him at the end of the song. Adam was refreshed by Hunter’s song choice. Gwen called him gifted; adding that Hunter connects music with his heart. Noting that Hunter has a unique tone and strength Alicia said that it was about what Hunter wanted and they both would be killer coaches for him. Hunter noted that the coaches were so nice when they argued. Saying that he was going with his gut, Hunter chose Alicia to be his coach.

High school senior Nala Price got Adam and Gwen to push their buttons after only a few measures. Noting that Nala was staring right at her, Gwen said that Nala took the song on as her own; adding that she had the patience to show all sides of her voice. Alicia said that Nala performed the song beautifully. Blake congratulated Nala on getting Gwen to turn her chair. Adam noted that Nala can really control her voice and was amazing. Nala chose Adam to be her coach.

Wedding singer Sammie Zonana didn’t have to wait long for Gwen to push her button. Adam called her awesome and Alicia said that there was a particular sound to her voice. Blake said that he kept thinking of Joni Mitchell during the audition. Gwen noted how relaxed Sammie was in her performance.

In the final audition of the night Valerie Ponzio has been singing since she was eight years old. The Berkley graduate is a part of the band Val and the Southern Line. She chose the Johnny Cash hit “Ring of Fire” for her audition. Gwen was the first coach to push her button. Alicia came next; and was followed by Adam and Blake at the end of the song to make it a four chair turn. Alicia noted that Valerie’s voice was full of so many beautiful things. Adam noted that he heard all of his fellow coaches during the performance…including himself at the end. Adam advised Valerie to pick the coach that would help her the most and forget about music genres. Valerie noted that all of the coaches have been huge influences on her; adding that she was obsessed with Gwen. Saying that she too was now obsessed with Valerie, Gwen went on stage and gave Valerie a kiss. Blake said that Valerie has an incredible voice; adding that he could help her with her chosen field of Country Americana…noting that Country music fans were loyal. Valeries said that the coach that could take her to the promised land was Blake.

Valerie Ponzio Val of Val and the Southern Line in her performance at the Hard Rock Cafe in Niagara Falls, New York

The Teams:
Gwen Stefani:
Stephanie Rice
Savannah Leighton
Brandon Royal
Aaliyah Rose
Troy Ramey
Johnny Gates
Caroline Sky
Kenny P
Davina Leone
Sammie Zonana

Blake Shelton:
Lauren Duski
Brennley Brown
Aliyah Mouldin
Ashely Levin
Casi Joy
Micah Tryba
Josh Hoyer
Enid Driti
Andrea Thomas
Valerie Ponzio

Adam Levine:
Johnny Hayes
Mark Isaiah
Jesse Larson
Julien Martinez
Kawan DeBose
Taylor Alexander
Gaby Borromeo
Josh West
Malik Davage
Hannah Eyrie
Nala Price

Alicia Keys:
Anatalia Villaranda
Felicia Temple
Autumn Turner
Lily Passero
Quizz Sanigan
Jack Cassidy
Missy Robertson
Lauren Judd
RJ Collins
Hunter Plake

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