‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: Season 7, Episode 13 ‘Bury Me Here’

Morgan Jones is the central character in the Sunday, March 12, 2017 episode of “The Walking Dead,” “Bury Me Here.” Both he and Carol experience a metamorphosis that moves them closer to taking part in the eventual uprising against Negan and the Saviors, but at an emotional and personal cost. Note: Spoilers Ahead.

This week’s episode is set exclusively in the Kingdom, with a few scenes at Carol’s house outside the Kingdom.

In the opening scenes, King Ezekiel and some of the Kingdom knights are loading a single melon in the back of a truck; Carol awakens in the middle of the night, upset and unable to go back to sleep.

Early the next morning, Morgan is teaching Aikido to Henry, Benjamin’s little brother, who wants to be a knight just like Benjamin. Carol leaves her house to return to the Kingdom, dispensing with walkers along the way, with the same aplomb we have been used to seeing from her in seasons past. Benjamin takes note of her skills.

Carol seeks out Morgan to ask why Rick and the Alexandrians had come to the Kingdom and if everyone is okay in Alexandria. In his quiet way, Morgan answers that Rick and the group came seeking to make an arrangement with King Ezekiel. He tells her that she needs to ask Daryl about the people in Alexandria, as that was a conversation between the two of them.

Morgan reminds her that she had asked him to tell everyone she had left the Kingdom and didn’t wish to be found, something that he had done just as she had asked. He offers to go with Carol to Alexandria if she wants to go, but that she shouldn’t go alone.

Carol makes no response to Morgan’s offer. Instead, she walks to the gate of the Kingdom, where she finds Benjamin. The young knight asks Carol’s permission to walk back to the cottage with her so he can learn from her, that there is a delivery to be made that day, but he can miss it. Carol tells him no, to go ahead and take part in the delivery.

Ezekiel is outdoors, watching various people in the Kingdom community when he is approached by one of the women who tend the garden. She explains that the garden has been taken over by weevils, necessitating that the plants be cut and burned to be rid of the pests. She remarks that even through the destruction, the garden can be replanted and grow again. And while she is talking literally about the garden, the insect pests and their destruction, along with the regrowth of the garden is a metaphor for Negan and the Saviors and the Kingdom and all who are under the thumbs of the Saviors.

King Ezekiel and the Kingdom knights make their way to the drop-off point for their offering to the Saviors. They find the road blocked by a line of shopping carts. Everyone gets out of the truck with guns drawn to assess the situation, with Richard appearing from around the back of their delivery truck.

As the group follows the road block, they find the end of it in the shape of an arrow, seemingly directing them around the adjacent building. Wary, they follow it, to find an open grave with a cardboard sign above it with the words, “Bury Me Here.” Ezekiel remarks that the world makes people crazy.

After moving the road block, the group moves down the road to meet the Saviors. They are late arriving due to the road block. Ezekiel and the knights emerge from the truck with guns drawn on the Saviors, who also have their guns drawn. Jared is standing there with Morgan’s Aikido stick in hand.

Gavin, the leader of this group of Saviors, remarks that the Kingdom group is late in their arrival, then demands the Kingdom surrender their guns. Ezekiel says that Jared should give Morgan his stick back and then they will surrender their guns. Gavin refuses the request and there are some tense moments waiting to see how Ezekiel will respond. Finally, he orders everyone to hand their guns over to the Saviors.

Gavin goes to the back of the Kingdom’s truck to check the offering for the day, which is to be a dozen melons. Gavin is angry when he counts only 11 melons. Ezekiel is confused, knowing 12 melons were loaded for the delivery, but when he counts himself, there are only 11.

Gavin is upset with the shortage, telling the Kingdom group that things are getting out of hand and must be dealt with immediately. Jared pulls a gun on Richard, who stands stoically in place and quietly tells Jared to shoot him. Suddenly, Jared moves and shoots Benjamin in the leg instead.

Benjamin is on the ground, bleeding copiously from his wound while Gavin continues to talk to Ezekiel, explaining that the missing melon must be delivered the next day. Morgan pleads that they must go at once to get medical attention for Benjamin.

The group quickly carry Benjamin to the truck and take him to Carol’s house, where they lay him on a table and try to staunch the bleeding, but it is too little, too late. Benjamin dies.

Morgan, who has taken Benjamin under his wing since arriving at the Kingdom, leaves Carol’s house. Here we begin to see shades of Morgan from the past as he deals with flashbacks in his anger and sorrow. Morgan kicks a box – only to find the single missing melon from their delivery. It is as this point that Morgan realizes Richard intentionally sabotaged the delivery.

Morgan confronts Richard back at the Kingdom. Richard doesn’t deny any of it but says that he, Richard, was the one who was supposed to die, not anyone else, to force King Ezekiel to take action against the Saviors. He explains to Morgan that he lost his wife and daughter when he didn’t do anything to fight the Saviors in the past and realizes he should have acted instead of waiting, just as Ezekiel is doing now.

Morgan listens quietly when Richard tries to convince him that what the Kingdom needs to do now is to re-earn the trust of the Saviors, then join with the Alexandrians and the Hilltop to crush their oppressors. Richard says he will tell Ezekiel that what had happened that day with the delivery was his fault. Morgan leaves without saying a word and goes to his room to think in solitude.

The next day, Ezekiel and the Kingdom knights take the delivery of the single melon to the Saviors. Gavin asks how Benjamin is doing; when no one from the Kingdom answers, Gavin knows the young man has died. He lashes out at Jared, telling him to begin walking away.

In the meantime, Morgan has walked to the spot where Benjamin was shot, his blood still staining the roadway. Morgan picks up both his and Benjamin’s Aikido sticks.

When Richard stops forward to give Gavin the single melon and begins to say something, an angry Morgan attacks Richard, knocking him to the ground with a blow to his head from the stick. Richard is unable to fight back against the fury in Morgan, who strangles Richard with his bare hands as both groups watch. Afterwards, Morgan explains that Richard had been the one responsible for the road block and missing melon the day before.

Morgan wants to be left alone with Richard’s body, but Ezekiel suggests Morgan should not be alone right now. Morgan, agitated, insists the Kingdom group leave him alone and references Benjamin’s death. However, Morgan calls Benjamin “Duane” instead of Benjamin. Duane was Morgan’s son who died after the zombie apocalypse.

Morgan buries Richard’s body in the open grave they had found the day before, then goes to Carol’s house. When she answers the door, Morgan asks her if she really wants to know what happened in Alexandria. When Carol says that she does, Morgan tells her about the deaths of Glenn and Abraham, beaten to death by Negan, and the loss of Spencer and Olivia. Morgan then explains to Carol that Rick and the others want the Kingdom to join in an uprising against the Saviors.

When Morgan tells Carol that he plans to go out on his own and begin killing the Saviors one at a time, Carol gently tells him he can go and not go.

Carol goes to the Kingdom, where she finds King Ezekiel, telling him she’s going to stay at the Kingdom now, to help them get ready to fight. Ezekiel agrees but says they don’t have to fight today. He, Carol and Henry work together beginning to replant the garden.

In the closing scene, Morgan is sitting on the porch at what was Carol’s house, his Aikido stick on his lap. We can hear him whittling or cutting on the stick – likely to give it a sharp point for whatever lies ahead.

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