Blind Auditions Conclude on ‘The Voice’

March 14 marks the end of the blind auditions on season 12 of “The Voice” and there only five more spots remaining to be filled – Alicia needs two singers but Adam, Gwen, and Blake each need only one more singer to fill their teams.

The Voice

First up was Vanessa Fergusson who has been singing since she was three years old. She chose “Don’t Let Me Down” for her audition. Alicia and Gwen pushed their buttons together with Blake joining them shortly thereafter. Remarking on how he was the only coach who did not turn around, Adam said that Vanessa was great and he was a dummy. Alicia told Adam that he wasn’t a dummy, he just didn’t have any ears. Noting that he proabably wasn’t the guy Vanessa would think of for a coach, Blake said that he would love the chance to work with Vanessa. Alicia loved the song choice and added that she couldn’t image what she could discover about Vanessa. Gwen said that she was in from the moment the song started; adding that Vanessa has so much going on. Vanessa chose Alicia to be her coach.

Dawson Coyle chose the NEEDTOBREATH song “Happiness” for his audition. Near the end of the song Blake pushed his button and becomes the first coach to fill his team. Gwen noted that Dawson’s song choice says a lot about him. Blake liked the passion of the performance and how Dawson put a lot of himself in the song.

Jozy Bernadette chose The Guess Who hit “American Woman” for her audition and got Adam to push his button near the end of song, but Gwen waited until the last moment before turning her chair. Adam said that Jozy has an incredible and powerful voice. Gwen noted that were things to work on to make Jozy stand out and decide who Jozy is. Alicia noted that she is looking for something special. Jozy said that she chose Gwen…No Doubt. Gwen’s team is now full.

Micro Brewer and musician Stephen Borres chose a Bob Marley song for his audition but failed to turn any chairs. Alicia wanted to hear more tension in the song. Adam noted that it’s hard to differentiate from the original but told Stephen to come back.

Florida bar singer Sheena Brook didn’t have to wait long for Adam to push his button and with that Adam has a Country music singer on his team. Adam kept saying wow. Adam said that Sheena is incredible; adding that he could win the show with her. Alicia brought out a Muppet of Adam. Adam’s team is full; now only Alicia has a spot left on her team.

After hearing a number of artists that didn’t quite meet Alicia’s standards, Chris Blue took the stage to perform “The Tracks of My Tears”. The youngest of seven, Chris and his brothers have their own group and have performed on BET. After doing a little chair dance Alicia pushes her button and fills her team as Chris’ family is screaming backstage.

Next week the battle rounds begin with guest mentors John Legend, Celine Dion, DJ Khalid, and Luke Bryan.

The Teams:

Gwen Stefani:

Stephanie Rice
Savannah Leighton
Brandon Royal
Aaliyah Rose
Troy Ramey
Johnny Gates
Caroline Sky
Kenny P
Davina Leone
Sammie Zonana
Jozy Bernadette

Blake Shelton:
Lauren Duski
Brennley Brown
Aliyah Mouldin
Ashely Levin
Casi Joy
Micah Tryba
Josh Hoyer
Enid Driti
Andrea Thomas
Valerie Ponzio
Dawson Coyle

Adam Levine:
Johnny Hayes
Mark Isaiah
Jesse Larson
Julien Martinez
Kawan DeBose
Taylor Alexander
Gaby Borromeo
Josh West
Malik Davage
Hannah Eyrie
Nala Price
Sheena Brook

Alicia Keys:

Anatalia Villaranda
Felicia Temple
Autumn Turner
Lily Passero
Quizz Sanigan
Jack Cassidy
Missy Robertson
Lauren Judd
RJ Collins
Hunter Plake
Vanessa Fergusson
Chris Blue

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