‘Face Off’ Enters the World of Fantasy Couples

There are five teams remaining but with another elimination week, the teams are beginning to feel the pressure.

Face Off

Host McKenzie Westmore meets the artists in the park and asks them if they are up for an adventure. Noting that some movies have paired some of the most unlikely teams of characters, McKenzie issues the challenge for the teams to create a comedic fantasy duo fit for an adventure feature film. But as always, there’s a catch. The models come out wearing various body suits and holding cards that list a fantasy race on them. The teams must choose one male and one female model.

Ben and Evan chose the Wood Elf and the Minotaur
Tyler and Emily chose the Faun and the Goblin
Melissa and Keaghlan chose the Fairy and the Troll
Cig and George chose the Dwarf and the Orgre
Logan and Adam chose the Niaid and the Orc

Again this week Ben and Evan are having some difficulties with their concept and bringing their concepts to life.

Michael Westmore visits the lab to offer some advice to the artists.

Having to create two characters this week, the artists have a lot of work to do.

When Adam goes to open his cowl mold he discovers that it is in two pieces instead of one. He says that he feels like he has wasted two hours.

On application day Emily and Tyler with their face and cowl applications not matching up properly.

In last looks Cig and George and Tyler and Emily have some minor issues with the faces on their models but find a way to make it work without any major make overs; only needing minor ones.

After reveal and closer looks the judges speak with all of the teams. After winning the spotlight challenge last week Emily and Tyler have immunity and cannot be eliminated.

The judges thought that Ben and Evan’s Minotaur was top notch but had issues with the Wood Elf, saying that it didn’t fit the challenge. Neville noted that there were some great design ideas but the guys failed to bring them to fruition.

The judges said that Cig and George’s use of silicone was one of the best uses they had seen on the show. Neville said that their Dwarf was the most sublime embodiment of a Dwarf. Glenn noted that the guys proportions were a great success.

Keaghlan and Melissa’s Fairy felt chalky and flat and the Troll was a bit inconsistent. Glenn noted that while their blacksmith last week showed some improvement, the girls have failed to move forward in the past few weeks.

Glenn said that Emily and Tyler’s Faun was stunning and Ve wanted to take the Faun home saying that she needed a pet. Neville noted that the two characters were harmonious and worked well together.

Logan and Adam’s Niaid was too silly and under developed. Neville noted that the two characters did not look like they were not of the same world.

Saying that they nailed everything about the challenge, Glenn named Cig and George as the winners for this week. It was the third win for the guys.

Saying that they couldn’t overlook how rough the characters were, Glenn named Keaghlan and Melissa as the team going home this week.

Next week, McKenzie promises a game changer.

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