On This Day in History: March 14

On March 14, the man accused of killing JFK’s killer was sentenced to death. Here are some events and famous birthdays from March 14 throughout history.

1919: First Novel by Max brand Published

Max Brand is now one of the most well-known western story writers, but today in history was the publication of his first, The Untamed. The author’s real name was Frederick Faust,and he used 21 pseudonyms for his writing because Max Brandhe was embarrassed by his works. He initially started as a poet, but found more success with short stories, novels and medical dramas. The Untamed was originally published in serial form, but Putnam Publishing Company brought them all together and published them as a hardcover novel.

1950: “Ten Most Wanted” Debuted by the FBI

In history today, the FBI debuts one of the now most iconic lists of criminals. The “Ten Most Wanted Fugitives in America” was revealed, publicizing the most dangerous criminals that the agencies and forces were trying to capture. J. Edgar Hoover approved it after seeing how much attention the “toughest guys” news story a year earlier drew. Criminals with lengthy records and pending charges can make the list, whether male or female. The only way to get off the list would be through death or capture in the majority of cases. Some have been removed if they are no longer considered dangerous or others have pushed ahead of them. Only eight women have ever appeared on the list, with the first (Ruth Eisemann-Schier) in 1968. The FBI now works with TV show America’s Most Wanted to help get the public involved more.

1964: Jack Ruby Convicted and Sentenced

Jack Ruby had been accused of murdering Lee Harvey Oswald—JFK’s accused murderer. On this day in history, he was found guilty by a jury and sentenced to death by the electric chair, pleading innocent to the crime and claiming he had been so distraught over the death of the president. Ruby never saw the chair. His sentence was overturned, as Ruth-Eisemann-Schierthe Texas Court of Appeals ruled he had not received a fair trial. A year after that, he was to be tried in Wichita Falls, but died in hospital of lung cancer before it could take place.

1991: The Release of the Birmingham Six

In Britain, the Birmingham Six had been in jail for 16 years. On March 13, 1991, they were released and their murder convictions quashed by the Courtof Appeal.Billy Power, Hugh Callaghan, Gerry Hunter, Paddy Joe Hill, Johnny Walker and Richard McIlkenny has been arrested and accused of setting off two bombs in Birmingham pubs, due to leaving just before the blasts. The Tavern and The Mulberry Bush were destroyed, and this was one of the bloodiest attacks by the IRA. The men admitted, but claimed they only confessed after torturous treatment by the police. The Court did not believe them, leading to their unfair sentencing. After irregularities in the case were found, an appeal could be launched.

Famous Birthdays on March 14

Mystic Johann Georg Gichtel–1638

Composer Johann Strauss—1804

Queen of Sweden and Norway, Josephine of Leuchtenberg–1807

King of Sardinia, Victor Emmanuel II–1820

First female dentist Lucy Hobbs Taylor—1833

King Umberto I of Italy–1844

Railroad engineer Casey Jones—1864

Albert Einstein—1879

The Italian Job and Zulu actor Michael Caine—1933

Last man on the moon Eugene Cerman—1934

The Vampire Diaries actor Daniel Gillies—1976

American Olympic gymnast Simone Biles—1997


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Featured image from Deposit Photos

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