Cleveland Teen Suspects, Considered ‘Armed and Dangerous’ Now in Custody

The Cleveland Bureau of the FBI announced that the 15-year-old suspect, Daylon Acton, one of two teens wanted in connection with bank and aggravated robberies and carjackings, turned himself into authorities on Tuesday night, March 14, 2017.

In their announcement, the FBI explained that Acton turned himself into juvenile authorities, but have not released further details at this time.

The other teen in the pair, Dawaun Felix Jackson, 17, was arrested on March 9, 2017, at a home on Muskoka Avenue in Cleveland, Ohio through a joint effort by the Euclid Police Department, the U.S. Marshals and the FBI Violent Crime Task Force. Other people in the Muskoka Avenue house were also arrested for their part in harboring a fugitive from the law.

Acton and Jackson, who were considered to be armed and dangerous, became subjects of an intensive manhunt earlier in March 2017 when arrest warrants were issued for them. In addition to the teen pair being suspects in recent bank robberies and aggravated robberies, they are suspected in at least two attempted armed carjacking attempts, including one at Zappy’s Car Wash in Euclid, Ohio on Feb.27, 2017 where they were seen and identified on video provided by surveillance cameras.

The teen pair were unsuccessful in their first carjacking attempt in Euclid, despite the driver exiting and running away from his vehicle, but differing accounts report that the pair were again unsuccessful in a second carjacking attempt the same day, while other sources report a black Nissan Versa was carjacked by the pair. There is also some question among sources as to whether Acton and Jackson were part of a trio suspected of robbing 10 banks, whether they worked as just a pair, or if they are connected to that originally suspected trio.

As authorities learn more, criminal charges against the pair will reveal what criminal activities for which there is evidence.

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