Nothing Grimm About David Giuntoli’s New TV Show

For many loyal Grimm fans, their six seasons of enjoying the ‘Wesens’ in Portland are quickly coming to a fairy tale end. And David Giuntoli, the main Grimm, will be ‘woging’ into a completely new role.

Nothing Grimm About David Giuntoli’s New TV Show

David Giuntoli is the Grimm

That’s right, David Giuntoli has a new gig. He is signed up to play the lead astronaut and mission commander, Stevenson, in a new CBS drama pilot called, Mission Control. The new TV drama is written by the author of The Martian, Andy Weir.

Cinemablend shares that Giuntoli will star in the new drama that follows NASA scientists and astronauts on a major space mission, called- The Durga Mission. The TV series will follow the characters as they struggle to balance their personal lives with an intense space mission and will offer some real life drama.

Giuntoli’s role as a Grimm in the popular TV series of the same name has propelled him into the spotlight.When he began, he was a relative unknown. His character as a homicide detective on the show allowed him to fully realize his strange and fun destiny as a ‘Grimm’. This meant that he originated from a line of special guardian fighters, the only ones that can truly fight Wesens, which are a variety of mythical-type monsters that seem to heavily populate Portland. They appear as regular folk but will ‘woge’ into their other ‘monster-like’ selves when threatened or about to attack. Giuntoli’s fairly ‘normal’ role in the upcoming pilot, which is just an ‘ordinary’ astronaut will be a considerable change for the actor. He is also engaged to Bitsie (Elizabeth)Tulloch another prominent character from the Grimm series, so perhaps ‘sudden transformations’ will still be an everyday part of this actor’s life.

During Mission Control, Giuntoli will be joined by female lead, Poppy Montgomery from Without A Trace and Unforgettable, as well as Nestor Serrano, from The Last Ship as well as Levi Fiehler from The Fosters. The showrunner of the new drama is Brian Buckley of Fear the Walking Dead, Friends, True Blood and Spin City.

It is yet to be announced when Mission Control will air however, it is making good time to be ready for a fall start-up.

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