CW Renewals for 2017-2018: ‘Supernatural,’ ‘Arrow’ and More Make the List

The CW renewals are notoriously early. The announcement for the 2017-2018 shows were just the same. Now another show has been added to the list of renewals, with hopes for a few others.

As expected, the likes of Supernatural, Arrow, and The Flash gained renewals for their next seasons. They were among three of seven current fall shows set for next season. The only show out of the regular fall lineup that didn’t make it was The Vampire Diaries, since it had already been announced that Season 8 would be the last. The Vampire Diaries series finale aired on March 10, in time for The Originals Season 4 to begin this week.

The two new shows from the fall lineup Frequency and No Tomorrow are yet to get a confirmation. Neither was given back orders for extra episodes and the ratings weren’t exactly stellar for either show. It is possible that they will be moved to the midseason lineup if the network does decide to renew them. There will be at least one slot in the midseason lineup, since Reign Season 4 is the last. Fans gained closure in both shows, just in case neither were renewed.

The 100 is currently the only other midseason show back on the network. The Originals starts on March 17 and iZombie returns next month. The 100 Season 4’s start has certainly been strong, and CW has ordered Season 5 for next year already. This was just four episodes in.

Riverdale is the only new show that has been confirmed for a new season, according to Slashfilm. Based on the Archie comics, it is one of the strongest shows on the network right now. Riverdale Season 2 may be moved to a fall slot, but the CW hasn’t decided on the 2017 fall lineup just yet.

It is likely that the CW will wait to see how The Originals and iZombie perform to determine if they will be renewed for another season. There is a small number of pilots being considered but nothing has been officially confirmed just yet. A Charmed reboot was on the cards at one point, but has since been pulled by the network.

The shows definitely returning and the season they will be on are:

  • Supernatural Season 13
  • Arrow Season 6
  • The Flash Season 3
  • Supergirl Season 3
  • Legends of Tomorrow Season 3
  • Jane the Virgin Season 4
  • Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 3
  • The 100 Season 5
  • Riverdale Season 2

Are any of your favorite shows on the list? Stay tuned for any more information about the latest CW renewals and pilots.

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