On This Day in History: March 19

March 19 saw Argentina place a flag on the disputed Falkland Islands, leading to the start of the war with Britain. What other events happened today in history?

1842: Honore de Balzac’s Publicity Stunt Goes Wrong

Hoping to create buzz around his new play, Les Ressources de Quinola, Honore de Balzac spread a rumor that ticketsHonoré_de_Balzac for the opening night were sold out. Rather than having people rush to the box office in hope that they could snag one or two, people remained home. Balzac opened to a completely empty house because of the stunt.

1931: The Legalizing of Gambling

The Great Depression had caused Nevada state to fall on hard times, and to help the people the legislature voted to legalize gambling on this day in history. The state had severely suffered due to declining mines, so the legislature took drastic action. Just a year after, divorce was also legalized. Since then, the state has become the entertainment and gambling capital of the world.

1957: Elvis Presley Purchases Graceland

Today in history saw the down payment placed for Graceland, by Elvis Presley. He was just 22 and it was his second home purchase, with a $1,000 deposit. The house cost $102,500, and became his operations base. Lisa Marie, his daughter with Priscilla Presley, inherited Graceland upon his death and it is now one of the country’s most popular tourist attractions, preserved as it was when he died.

1982: Argentina Place Flag on South Georgia

The Falkland Islands have long been a point of conflict between Britain and Argentina. On this day, 50 Argentines had been reported to have arrived at Leith Harbour, South George, where they raised their nation’s flag. They were supposed to remove scrap metal and be part of a commercial contract, but it soon became clear that the ship charter was Elvis Presleyby the government. It started Britain’s fight for the Islands, and led to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher decide it was time to go to war.

2003: The Start of Operation Iraqi Freedom

Today in history, Operation Iraqi Freedom began, creating one of the most controversial wars in history. The United States Army entered the country under the orders of President George W. Bush, with a small number of coalition forces, primarily from the United Kingdom. Bush built a case for the war, saying that Saddam Hussein was hiding weapons of mass destruction. Even to this day, those WMDs have not been found and there are claims that the war was based on wants for oil. The war opened the doors for wars in Afghanistan, Syria, and Libya.

Famous Birthdays on March 19

Last of Sweden’s Catholic archbishops, Johannes Magnus–1488

Plymouth colony governor William Bradford—1589

King Johan IV of Portugal–1604

Princess Louisa Anne of Wales–1749

Explorer David Livingston—1813

English explorer Sir Richard Burton—1821

Prussian admiral Alfred von Tirpitz—1849

The Dark River writer Sarah Gertrude Millina—1889

California governor Earl Warren—1891

Nazi Gestapo officer Adolf Eichman—1906

Luftwaffe pilot Adolf Galland—1912

Magician Tommy Cooper—1921

Fatal Attraction actress Glenn Close—1947

Die Hard actor Bruce Willis—1955

Wrestler AJ Lee—1987

Tumblr blogger Madisen Kuhn—1996


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