Battles Begin on ‘The Voice’

The Blind Auditions are over and now it is time for the Battle rounds to begin. Each team is being mentored by some of the biggest names in the music business.

And the steal returns! Each coach will get two steals.

The Voice

Each of the coaches have enlisted the help of four of the biggest names in music to help them mentor and advise their team members and prepare them for the battle rounds…
Adam has chosen John Legend
Blake has chosen Luky Bryan
Alicia has chosen DJ Khaled
Gwen has chosen Celine Dion

In the first battle of the night Blake paired Brennley Brown and Lauren Duski for a battle of the Little Big Town Song “Better Man”. Host Carson Daly said that the girls did a beautiful job. Alicia called the performance beautiful; adding that both girls are incredible artists. Gwen called them so incredible. Adam noted that both singers are in pretty great shape. Noting that he didn’t want to let either one of the girls go, Blake said that it boils down to what he sees for his team. Saying that it hurts him, Blake chose Lauren as the winner of the battle. Gwen pushed her button to steal Brennley and then Adam pushed his button for the steal. It was Brennley’s 15th birthday and Adam sang Happy Birthday to her. Saying that it was so hard, Brennley chose Gwen to be her new coach.

Gwen paired JChosen and Kenny P for a battle with the Stevie Wonder song “I Was Made to Love Her” for a battle. Saying that he loved what they do, Adam called the guys dead even. Blake noted that Jchosen had a smooth voice but Kenny’s voice was edgier. Calling it exciting, Alicia loved the dance moves and the camaraderie of the guys. Gwen noted that Kenny knows who he is; adding that she didn’t know what to do. Gwen chose Jchosen as the winner of the battle There was no steal for Kenny

Alicia paired Anatalia Vilaranda and Missy Robertson for a battle of “Tightrope” Gwen noted that she didn’t expect that. Adam said that it was a full concert in two minutes. Blake called the performance worthy of a Grammy stage. Calling it really exciting, Alicia said that both girls were really incredible. Alicia chose Anatalia as the winner of the battle. No one stole Missy.

Adam chose Gaby Borromeo and Mark Isaiah for a battle of “Pillowtalk”. When the duo walked into the rehearsal room John Legend recognized Gaby, noting that he worked with her a number of years ago. While Blake thought that both singers were really good, he noted that Mark seemed to feel what he was singing. Calling it a tricky one, Alicia noted that both performed very well and showcased a lot. Gwen said that Mark owned it and she could see the performance being his own record. Gwen noted that Gaby has a beautiful voice. Adam said that both did great but chose Mark as the winner of the battle. There was no steal for Gaby.

Alicia paired Felicia Temple and the youngest singer to ever appear on “The Voice”, 13 year old Quizz Swanigan for a performance of “Titanium”. Gwen noted that while Quizz had a unique tone, Felicia had a warm tone. Adam noted that the only thing Felicia didn’t have going for her was that she was not 13 years old. Noting that he could not say enough about Felicia, Blake said that as long as Quizz was on the show he was going to be reminded that he was only 13 years old. Alicia noted that both singers succeeded in an incredible way but chose Quizz as the winner of the battle. As she was walking off the stage, Blake pushed his button to steal Felicia.

In the last battle of the night Blake paired Ashley Levin and Casi Joy for a battle with the Reba song “How Blue”. Alicia called it bonafide battle status. Gwen said that both voices were beautiful. Adam called it a boxing match disguised as a singing competition; adding that both girls were big time singers. Noting that he wished he hadn’t paired the girls together, Blake called them both so talented and hoped that both girls stayed on the show. Blake chose Casi as the winner of the battle but it didn’t take long for all three of his fellow coaches to push their buttons to steal Ashley. Ashley chose Alicia Keys to be her new coach.

Team Blake:
Lauren Duski
Felicia Temple – steal
Casi Joy

Team Gwen:
Brennley Brown – steal

Team Alicia:
Anatali Vilaranda
Quizz Swanigan
Ashely Levin – steal

Team Adam:
Mark Isaiah

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