Grimm Recap Episode 11 Season 6 ‘Where the Wild Things Were’

This episode finds Eve gone and the Grimm team at a loss at how to find her. We also find out some pretty horrific news about the ‘demon in the mirror’ and his connection with Diana.

WARNING: Lots of Spoilers Ahead

Grimm Recap Episode 11 Season 6 “Where the Wild Things Were”

Grimm Recap Episode 11 “Where the Wild Things Were”

We start with Monroe and Rosalee returning from their sad moment at the home of the elderly man who was being euthanized by the “Beetle of Death.”

We also watch as Eve steps out of the mirror that she walked into last week and into a snowy forest somewhere. The tree trunk she just stepped out of works as a one-way mirror into Monroe and Rosalee’s home. She can see them, but they can’t see her. She pounds on the trunk that has symbols, but it eventually turns into a trunk again. Then Eve hears some weird animal noises in the forest and runs over to see what or where they’re coming from. What she finds is some bizarre, medieval-dressed Wesens chasing some unfortunate soul. There’s a fight and the Wesens win and actually start eating the regular looking guy- Eek! I had to turn away at this point. Eve sees this too and understandably, takes off into the forest.

Back in the regular world of Portland, it doesn’t take long for the team of Monroe and Rosalee to realize that Eve has disappeared into the mirror. They become alarmed and call Adalind and Nick in to help. Everyone confirms from the evidence she left behind that Eve is indeed ‘through the looking glass’ so to speak. Adalind says that it’s all connected: the cloth, the symbols and the other place. Nick decides he should go through the mirror, too. to retrieve or help Eve. And although everyone objects and Monroe, and even Adalind, offer to go, Nick goes in alone.

Adalind suggests that Nick take the magic stick with him for protection but is unable to and the stick falls on the floor after he taps the mirror with it and goes through. The magic stick works like a dream and the portal to the “death grip world” is opened and Nick can walk right through. (Too bad Eve didn’t wait around- she would have avoided a nasty slice to her hand to purchase entry). When Diana sees that the magic stick is on the floor and was unable to pass through the mirror, she says in her casual and knowing way, “It can’t. It doesn’t belong there.” Now, everyone is worried about the two on the other side of the mirror and if they will be able to return.

When Nick gets to the other world, he too can see the group at Monroe and Rosalee’s home, but just like Eve, they can’t see or hear him when he calls to them. Soon Nick also witnesses these Wesen savages of the other world at work- fighting a regular looking man. Nick and the Wesen do some serious punching but Nick gets bored and decides to just shoot the Wesen instead! (Good thinking, Nick.)

Eve hears the shots and runs and finds Nick. She asks him if he knows what place this is. He says it looks like the Black Forest where the Grimm gang traveled a while back but what’s weird is that the Wesen here don’t change back after they die. Nick, then, reprimands her for going ahead on this mission alone and asks her what she is trying to prove. She answers that she isn’t trying to prove anything. She just wants to get rid of “demon-face” that is pulling her into mirrors. Well,good luckk, Eve. Alarmingly, Eve’s hands are woging without her trying, so, something is up and she wants to get on with it.

She also tells Nick she has seen all manner of Wesens in this strange forest and they both believe this world is run by them, and the humans are their prey.

Meanwhile, back again at the Spice shop, the gang are still deliberating on what to do to help Nick and Eve out. Adalind suggests that Renard just might have a friend that could help the situation. But Monroe doesn’t want to bring Renard into the loop because he doesn’t trust him. Good call, Monroe! So they bring Hank and Wu in to round up the group to let them in on what’s been happening and as we knew he eventually would be, Renard is also brought up to snuff.

Renard was taken back when he sees that the entrance to the tunnel was always right there in Nick’s loft, but Monroe relates that they were used in Prohibition times and probably for a lot more than that over the years. Renard starts examining the cloth and the carvings and seems shocked that they have 5 of the 7 keys on them as well as the cloth itself. He explains that the Royals had been searching for for this cloth for years!

Adalind, then reminds Renard, that Diana, who is with them at the time and who makes the symbols glow purple-one of her more benevolent powers- is somehow connected to all of this and they need to find out how and why? Good for you, Adalind, for keeping perspective in all of this!) She then asks Renard to call that Russian friend of his for more info.

Back through the looking glass, we see Nick and Eve again and they are on the run. The Wesen bad guys (actually Blutbads) that roam the woods and eat humans are chasing them and that’s not a good thing. But, the two stumble across a camp with regular humans where Nick stops to kill a few Blutbads by shooting them with his trusty cop pistol. The humans are very impressed with Nick and Eve. First, Nick saved their lives and second- what is that magic weapon that can kill from a distance? (Remember all these weird folk seem like they are from mediaeval times).

However, the next downer comes- they all speak German and Eve and Nick don’t! Then, at mealtime around the fire, where Nick breaks ‘Blutbad’ with them and Eve declines, citing she’s a vegetarian – ha! they seem to end up on friendly terms. So, soon, Nick becomes inventive and draws the demon-skull-face in the ground with a stick from the fire and asks if anyone has happened to see this photogenic demonic face? They seem to recognize it and soon start rejoicing that maybe, just maybe, Nick can shoot and kill it like he did the nasty Blutbads!

The humans were not a big help in the end, not really helping Nick and Eve find the demon beast. So now the two go off again to go it on their own.

Meanwhile, Adalind and the others gather around to listen to what Renard’s Russian friend, Dasha, has to say for herself. He needs to get to the bottom of Diana’s connection to this demon monster in the other world. Soon he is face to face with Dasha via Skype.

First of all, Dasha says it was not a good thing to open this new dimension- oh great! She went on to say that normally the two dimensions exist at the same time but now, the two- Eve and Nick, closed one to enter the other. At this point Diana mentions that someone who is very bad lives there! (Well, we’re getting that Diana!)

Now, the bad part: Dasha intimates that this skull person could well be a persona of Satan, and that he is looking for the prophesied Shaphat that will become his bride and together they will have 100 children! (What!!!Hope this Shaphat has a nanny!)

Anyway, what’s worse? It looks like it’s Diana he is after as his Shaphat, because Shaphat means child bride! Now this, as you may imagine is very bad news to Renard. Luckily Diana was put to bed for the night and didn’t hear that part. And worse, Dasha does not know how it can be stopped.

Back in Never, Never Land, Eve and Nick have to fight another Blutbad one more time in a kind of ‘stoneheng-y’ clearing they wander into. It didn’t get past them, either, that there just happens to be symbols here and also in the stars in the sky that are like the symbols on the cloth. Nick has to shoot the Blutbad and now he has only three bullets left! Eve, then looks at Nick and suggests he go home. They have a conversation here, that they should have had a long while back.

Nick tells her that no, he is not leaving, and that they are sticking together. He tells Eve that it’s because of him and his Grimm life that she is involved and he feels responsible. She tells him when she was Juliette she was scared and did horrible things but right now she has a strength and a purpose she never had before. What’s more, she thinks that many events occurred to bring them together at this point. She couldn’t have been more right on because, then, just guess who also wanders into the clearing- you’ve got it! None other than demon-skull- face! Looks like we’ve arrived, everyone.

Nick doesn’t even say hello; he just shoots his last three bullets and they just bounce off him. Next, skull-face is holding a staff and when he hits the ground it sends a shockwave toward the two that knock them to the ground. Eve fully woges and then the scene ends…till next week.

Ooh, this is getting to be on-the-edge-of your-seat kind of stuff, and… not too soon as there are only two more Grimm weeks left. Let’s meet here next week and find out what happens.

Missed last week’s episode? Read about it here.


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