‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: Season 7, Episode 14 ‘The Other Side’

With just two more episodes left to finish out Season 7 of “The Walking Dead,” tensions continue to build toward the eventual uprising against Negan and the Saviors as Rosita and Sasha act on their plan to take down Negan in Episode 14, “The Other Side.” Note: Spoilers ahead.

The Hilltop

In a series of brief scenes, we see Maggie and Sasha training groups of Hilltop residents in the art of fighting; a glimpse of the blacksmith creating spear heads; Maggie visiting Dr. Harlan Carson for an ultrasound that makes everyone smile; Jesus handing Sasha a hand-drawn map of the Sanctuary and surrounding area; Daryl sitting alone, non-responsive when Maggie approaches him; and Gregory, with his ever-present glass of liquor, watching out from his office window and seeing Rosita walk in the gate.

Jesus and Maggie are having a quiet conversation. Jesus reveals that he’s become a part of Hilltop since he’s been working to make Maggie and Sasha a part of the community there. Before the two women came to Hilltop, Jesus spent more time away from the community, having a difficult time bonding with people.

Jesus reveals he’s had a lifelong issue with trying to grow close to people, having grown up in a group home. He also reveals he is gay when he says that he even had trouble growing close to boyfriends in the past.

Sasha overhears much of the conversation between Jesus and Maggie; it seems to make her even more determined to follow through on the plan for her and Rosita to take down Negan. Sasha finds a book that Jesus has hollowed out inside to hide a handful of ammunition. As she is taking a rifle cartridge, Jesus and Enid walk in and see what Sasha is doing.

Jesus tells Sasha she can keep the ammo but admonishes her not to go after Negan just yet. When he sees that Sasha is intent on going now, he and Enid offer to accompany her. Sasha says no, that Jesus, Enid and the others will be needed to be there for the aftermath of what will come after she kills Negan. Jesus reluctantly agrees but says that Sasha must tell Maggie of the plan to kill Negan, that Sasha owes that to Maggie.

Jesus leaves the trailer, leaving Sasha and Enid alone. Sasha entreats Enid to look after Maggie in Sasha’s absence. Enid says that she will look after Maggie and that in 10 minutes, she herself will tell Maggie of Sasha’s plan, so Sasha should keep that in mind.

But before anything else can happen, the Hilltop gate guards announce that the Saviors are coming. Quickly, Rosita and Sasha slip out through an escape route, leaving Hilltop, while Daryl and Maggie quickly try to find a hiding place.

Simon and the Saviors confront Gregory at Hilltop House. Gregory, as usual, is mealy-mouthed and tries to placate Simon, asking the Savior leader what Gregory can do for him. Simon announces he is there to find someone Negan wants. Gregory asks who that might be, which is left hanging in the air while the scene changes to Rosita and Sasha.

The Other Side

The two women are looking for a car to hot wire to take them to the Sanctuary. As Sasha leans into a car Rosita is trying to start, the necklace Sasha took from Abraham dangles from her neck. Rosita sees it and asks Sasha if she likes it, that Rosita is the one who made it and gave it to Abraham. Sasha says nothing but tucks the necklace inside her shirt.

Sasha suggests that when the two of them get near the Sanctuary, they hole up in a three or four-story building outside the Sanctuary, where they can watch the perimeter and wait to take their shot when Negan shows himself. Rosita is opposed to the idea, insisting instead that the two of them go into the Sanctuary to act on their plan to kill Negan.

The Hilltop

One of the Savior men hassles Enid over a basket of vegetables, belittling her when she calls them “veggies” instead of vegetables, then knocking the basket from her hand when she suggests he load it on the truck. He crouches to the ground with her as she picks up the spilled vegetables and sees the sheathed knife she wears on her waist, demanding that she give it to him or he will cut it off her.

Simon and Gregory visit Dr. Carson’s office, where Simon reveals it is Dr. Carson that the Saviors have come for. Dr. Carson is reluctant to go, citing his ongoing patients there at the Hilltop and wondering why the Sanctuary would need two doctors.

Simon reveals that there won’t be two doctors at the Sanctuary, and Dr. Carson learns his brother, the previous doctor at the Sanctuary, is dead.

Gregory is in a quandary, not wanting to lose Hilltop’s doctor. He asks Simon to step outside with him, where Gregory suggests that taking Dr. Carson might cause the people of Hilltop to lose their trust in him, Gregory, as their leader. Gregory goes on to tell Simon that maybe someone else may want to take over Hilltop. When Simon asks who that might be, Gregory is evasive, explaining that he just understands human nature and that someone may be plotting a takeover.

Simon tells Gregory he can come to the Sanctuary any time to talk to Simon about it and gives Gregory a note to use if he comes to the Sanctuary so he will be allowed in to talk to Simon. Gregory asks if the doctor can stay at Hilltop; Simon says no.

Meanwhile, Daryl and Maggie are together in their hiding place with knives ready should they be found. The Savior who was hassling Enid enters the room where the two are hiding, but he’s not really looking for them and soon leaves.

Daryl was ready to kill the man, but Maggie holds him back. She tells Daryl she understands how he feels, that she, too, would like to kill them all, but they have to wait for the right time and place.

Then Maggie confronts Daryl, asking him why he hasn’t talked to he since he came to Hilltop. Daryl looks at her with tears in his eyes and says, “I’m sorry.” He apologizes for Glenn’s death, saying it was his fault. Maggie tells him that Glenn’s death is on Negan, not on Daryl, that Glenn believed Daryl was one of the good guys and Maggie thinks so, too, because Glenn was one of the good guys himself.

Simon and the Saviors leave Hilltop, taking Dr. Carson with them.

The Other Side

Still searching for a car, Rosita and Sasha encounter a group of walkers. Even though the women create a diversion by starting a fire in another abandoned car, the group of walkers comes toward them as Rosita is trying to hot wire another car. Finally, the car starts, Sasha jumps in and the two head toward the Sanctuary.

The two women have followed Sasha’s plan to take refuge in an abandoned building outside the perimeter of the Sanctuary. From their elevated position, Rosita and Sasha can see a portion of the perimeter, including the gate.

Sasha spots Eugene, who is walking along the inside of the perimeter, checking on the walkers, some of whom now have their heads covered in metal to protect them from being killed.

Rosita and Sasha mend the hard feelings between them about Abraham. Rosita talks about her past, sharing memories with Sasha that she’s never shared with anyone before. Rosita asks Sasha if she was happy when she was with Abraham and Sasha says that she was. The two women vow to one another that they have each other’s backs.

When the women hear a commotion outside, they spot the Saviors returning with Dr. Carson. Negan comes out to the perimeter, but Sasha is unable to get a good shot at him.

As they stand there, deciding what to do next, the radio they have with them from the Sanctuary goes off. It is Eugene speaking, giving orders to the compound, explaining that Negan will be indisposed for a while and should anyone need anything, they should contact him, Dr. Eugene Porter “Negan.”

Their minds made up, Rosita and Sasha decide they have to go into the Sanctuary.

The Hilltop

Gregory calls Jesus to his office, confronting the younger man about slacking off on his scavenging and recruiting efforts. Gregory tells Jesus too many people are living in his trailer and Gregory has made work assignments for the new people because everyone has to contribute. Gregory warns Jesus that he had better do as he is told or Gregory will report Jesus to the Saviors.

When Jesus asks Gregory if the older man just threatened him, Gregory tells him that he takes care of his friends and he realizes Jesus is not his friend.

The Other Side

Eugene and one of the Saviors are standing at the Sanctuary perimeter at nightfall. Sasha shoots the Savior, killing him, while Eugene crouches to the ground. Rosita and Sasha cut the fence, explaining to Eugene that they have come to rescue him.

Eugene says he doesn’t want to go. Sasha slips into the Sanctuary through the hole in the fence, then closes it again to prevent Rosita from following her.

The Sanctuary

Sasha begins shooting her way through the courtyard of the Sanctuary, ready to enter the main building.

The Other Side

At the same time, Rosita, who has realized she can’t follow Sasha, runs away from the perimeter, crying and frustrated. She pauses for a moment in the dark, where she is able to make out the figure of a person in the distance, a figure all in shadow, but in the silhouette, Rosita – and we viewers – can tell the figure has shoulder-length hair and a crossbow on his/her back.

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