Terrorist Attack Outside Parliament Building in London

March 22, 2017 A police officer was stabbed Wednesday afternoon outside the Parliament building in London. The attacker was shot by police. Law enforcement officials also confirmed officers responded to call of a car plowing into a group of people on the Westminster Bridge. At least one woman was killed and several others were seriously injured.

London Police and ambulances are treating several people at the scene. Police have not confirmed whether there are more suspects involved or if any other suspects have been apprehended.

The leader of the House of Commons says another police officer was possibly stabbed inside the Houses of Parliament.

A reporter for Politico, Tom McTague and colleagues witnesses the horrific attack. McTague described what he saw to CBS News:

“We heard a loud bang near Westminster Bridges and saw crowds of people running away. We then saw a man running and attack a policeman. From where I was standing, he stabbed the policeman repeatedly. He ran and police screamed at him to stop. They shot him and he went down.”

Former Polish foreign minister,
Radoslaw Sikorski told the BBC he saw at least five people lying on the ground after being “mown down” by a car.

Check back for details on Wednesday’s terrorist attack outside the Parliament building in London as more details are made available.

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