Israeli Police Nab Suspect in Wave of Threats Across America

March 23, 2017 Israeli Police have arrested a suspect in connection to threats against hundreds of Jewish targets worldwide, including several in the United States.

The cyber-security unit of Israel’s fraud squad arrested the suspect on Thursday. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) assisted Israeli officials in the investigation into a string of phone and email bomb threats that ultimately led to the suspect.

Several bomb threats were made against Jewish Community Centers in Midwestern states, including a Jewish Day School in Chicago. While the majority of the phone threats were made against U.S. targets, other countries also reported receiving bomb threats include Australia, Europe and New Zealand. It is unknown if the suspect will be extradited to the United States.

According the Jerusalem Post, the 19-year-old Israeli-American suspect “is not in the IDF, not ultra-Orthodox and possibly has psychological and social problems.”

Earlier in March, police in New York City said they believed the majority but not all of the recent bomb threats made against U.S. Jewish institutions could be traced to a single source. Investigators determined the suspect was using a voice changer and a phone spoofing device to disguise his voice and location. Spoofing technology can make calls appear to be coming from the location where the threat is made, when in fact the caller can be miles away-even in another country.

A Missouri man, Juan Thompson, a disgraced left-wing journalist was arrested earlier this month in connection to at least eight threats to Jewish targets in New York City.

Leaders in the Jewish community s noticed an uptick in hate crimes against Jewish targets across the country since U.S. President Trump was elected in November, 2016.

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